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  1. The Unknown crankbait

    Yesterday I made another crankbait. I call it the unknown crankbait because I have no idea what kind of fish it might represent. It looks a bit yellow perch'ish but it's not. Anyway I like it. In the water it has nice action. It's made of white pine with createx airbrush paint and a UV-resin...
  2. Experimental hinged swimbait

    I've made a lure that is a segmented bait with hinges. Thing is it has two hinges but four pivot points. (you'll see in the video). The motion is almost fluid like. It's a rough build. In fact I wasn't even going to paint it, just make it to see if it worked. I decided to finish it up anyway...
  3. My first crankbait from scratch

    About a month ago I decided I wanted to fish with some of my own lures. I spent a long time researching how to make a crankbait. Youtube certainly is a great way to learn stuff. Well, it's about a month later. A bunch of new tools, and armed to going from making beds and benches to a wood...
  4. Three cranks made today

    Today I made three new baits. All of pine. I make everything except the hooks. They are like little, quick, art projects. Pine, carving, painting, clear coating, fishing. I have a video that shows their build from start to finish, and them in the water at the end.
  5. My first Foiled Perch lure

    I've been wanting to make a foiled lure for some time now. I'd never made one. Foiling is what it says. Putting foil, in this case household tin foil, on the sides of a lure to embed scale markings into it. It went pretty good for my first one. As usual, I make everything but the hooks. BTW...
  6. Yet another Lure: Crayfish pattern

    I have a crank bait I made early on that has a really nice action, a deep thumping movement. I'm duplicating it with different paint patterns. This one is a sort crayfish pattern… sort of. Made of cedar. Everything is handmade except the hooks. This is a video of the entire process.
  7. Lipless Crankbait using chrome paint

    Yet another pandemic bait. Can't wait for ice out. A lipless crankbait with a new chrome paint called spazstiks. Made of cedar (an old deck board). As usual I make everything but the hooks. BTW….I do make other things besides baits you know. Look at my gallery. I've got a combo dresser/changing...
  8. Whopper Plopper.... It works!

    I made a bait that has a rotating tail and such a cool sound. It's called a whopper plopper. After a fashion I got it to work. It's made of white pine. Everything is hand made except the hooks. A great video of it that shows the complete build and in action in the water… such a cool sound...
  9. Spinner Crank Bait

    It's been awhile since I made a fishing lure. I've been getting back to furniture and completed 4-5 pieces lately. But I figured I wanted to do something that could be completed in a few hours instead of a few days. So, back to carve and paint a fishing lure. This one is a spinner crank bait...
  10. Hand Tools
    Does anyone know the brand or history of this plane. I'm very curious. Block
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a DeWalt DW 735 planer and I bought a Wixey Digital Planer WR 510 type 2. I'm trying to mount it so that I can use it but it doesn't look right. When I hold the Wixey assembly against the black metal scale on the right side of the DW 735 it isn't level. The top of the Wixey assembly...
1-11 of 11 Results