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  1. Arts and Crafts Mantle Clock

    Made in Woods Class Made out of African Mahogany I didn't use any stain so I used Tung Oil
  2. Mirror

    I made this mirror for my wife, Marilyn. It is modified from a plan I found in issue #7 of Woodworking Magazine It is Quarter Sawn White Oak with inlaid Maple discs and raised Walnut accents. The joints are true mortise and tenon with Walnut pins that are diamond crowned on the tops.
  3. Arts and Crafts Table

    I designed this table using several elements from both Arts and Crafts and Mission styles. I made this for my son Michael's 10th Anniversary and wanted something to mark it as a milestone. It is about 48" w x 22"d and 30"h and is used as a computer desk. It is Quarter Sawn White Oak, stained...
  4. Gun Stock Carving: Walnut Stock Carved with a Wildlife Scene, Flying Ring Necked Pheasant & Oak Leaf

    This was a commissioned project. This gun was the third and final part of a set of guns I did for a family in Wichita, Kansas. You can see the Quail Carving by clicking here You can see the Tom Turkey Carving by clicking here If you have a gunstock that you would like to have...
  5. Tile Display

    This frame was an anniversary gift to my son Ben and his wife Jenna. I was looking for a project to try out some of the joinery and details often seen in early Arts and Crafts pieces, especially from the Greene and Greene brothers. These "tiles" are actually color prints of tiles that I found...
  6. first commision piece using Sketchup ... Mission Oak Arts & Crafts Sconce

    First shot using Sketchup to flesh out a project. Plan is to batch six of these, selling the first one for $150 on commission and sell the balance on ebay for whatever the market will bare. Designed the piece loosely based on a Stickley pedestal found in one of my referance books. Size id 9×9x5...
  7. Panama Hat Crown Block Restored Restoration Fixed Repaired with New Sculpted Tipper Top Press Making

    This project is a restoration of a Panama Hat Crown Block and the mating Top Tipper that I made new. ------------------- Project Story: I have been making a lot of Hat Maker's Tools, especially since the economy went down and the bigger flashy furniture commissions became few and far between...
  8. Getting ready for the Sept. 6 show.

    Here are some of my favorites. The humming bird and morning glory is a popular one. Anybody need a sign on their outhouse? Don't want someone to mistake it for something else.
  9. Arts and crafts mantle clock

    Made this in woods class. It is made of oak wood, no stain, tung oil finish.
  10. Arts and craft Mantle Clock

    I made this in woods class. I made this out of walnut wood. I put on tung Oil on when I was done.
  11. Arts and Crafts Mantel Clock

    I made this in 2nd period woods class. It is made out of walnut. I used a tungoil finish.
  12. Native American Flutes

    I have been carving and playing Native American flutes for some time now. this one I carve from a salvaged piece of Douglas fir while I was recovering from back surgery. I like carving different bird heads on the ends of my flutes, but the eagle seems to be everyone favorite. I use cedar and...
  13. Arts & Crafts Poster Frame

    We went to the Port Townsend, WA Wooden Boat Festival last year for my birthday. My girlfriend bought this poster with the understanding that I'd make a frame for it. I finally got around to it. Here's what I came up with, thanks to Dan's inspiration. I chickened out on the fancy scrollwork...
  14. Arts & Crafts Framing Samples

    My girlfriend went to Framer's Workshop in Berkeley to get some glass for the poster frame I recently made her, and she came back with the glass and a job offer. Kirstie, the owner, needs a local woodworker to make customer frames. She asked me to make up some samples, so I ran home and...
  15. Mission Arts and Crafts framed stoneware Landscape tile THE CLEARING s/n 64

    Antiqued gold finish frame inspired by a violin maker I met on vacation in Ames Iowa a couple weeks ago. In addition to handcrafting and restoring violins he hung his own original paintings in his shop. This frame design is inspired by his framing work. Mortise and tennon constructed frame is...
  16. Sewing room and tables

    Here are a few pictures of the sewing room and sewing machine tables I made for my wonderful wife.
  17. Arts & Crafts Mission Framed Tiles

    Here, again, is another frame that I made to house 2 swan tiles. This was made at the request of the person that makes these tiles, Ravenstone Tiles by Laura Reutter. I purchase tiles from her to frame for a furniture store here in Salt Lake City. These are two of her new tiles that she...
  18. Mantle clock

    Made in woods class Made of pine wood Finished with 2 coats of tung oil
  19. Formal Mission/Arts and Crafts style sitting chair

    This mission/arts and crafts style sitting chair is a solid anchor piece for any formal living room or sitting room. It is made out of 6/4 red oak planed down to various thickness's. The joinery is mortise and tenon. The is 28 wide 22 inches deep and the back of the chair is 46 inches high...
  20. Arts and Crafts nick knack shelf/book case

    This red oak shelf is very easy to build and yet functional because its small enough to go in a lot of small places in your home. It measures 16 inches wide 8 inches deep and is 45 inches tall. The legs are 1 1/2 inches square. Most of this project is made out of scrap wood. The shelves are...
1-20 of 250 Results