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  1. Military Shadow Box Table

    I made this table for my 1st Sergeant who retired after 29 years of military service in the USAF. Although this took a while to make, it was well worth the time and effort. It is made of red oak 1X material and oak ply finished with a few coats of minwax classic oak stain. This is a project I...
  2. Cherry Mallet

    Here is a cherry mallet that I made for my dads birthday. Overall length is about 14" and the head is 8"x3". I did everything by hand. The handle is dovetailed into the head so it can't come out. The head is kind of octogonal and was made that way using a hand plane. The handle was cut out with...
  3. Pallet made router plane

    This is a router plane I made from a section of oak pallet. It was a challenge to get to staples out, but eventually did get them out. Using mostly hand tools I cut down and planed the sides and front. I drilled out the center section first, then chiseled out the remaining waste. i used a hex...
  4. Round Military Shadow Box Table

    Hey Fellow Lumber Jocks and Guests. This is my latest creation I made for a SMSgt who is retiring. She contacted me through this site. It proved to be quite a challenge, but the time and effort was worth it. The top and shelf is made from birch plywood; the legs are made by 3×3 poplar...
  5. Military Shadow Box Table Part II

    Hi fellow Lumberjocks and guests, This was my second shadow box table. It is made of solid walnut. This project took me about 100 hours to complete and I am extremely happy with the results as well as people who saw it at the retirement ceremony and most importantly, the person I made it...
  6. Blogs
    Budget Friendly Router Table Fence Finish off the simple built router table from last week with a table fence that cost just around $10.
  7. Blogs
    Pallet Coffee Table- Sketchup I've recently started playing with screen capturing and will be filming some of my sketchup sessions. I'm also in the learning phase of sketchup so any help, comments, suggestions are appreciated. Check out Part 1 here and then Part 2. As always, please subscribe...
1-8 of 8 Results