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  1. Beer tankard

    For the beer swap this year, I had decided to build a tankard. I'd seen tankards in Woodworking in Estonia and thought "how hard could it be?" That usually leads to an interesting build. I had a chunk of crab apple from a tree from my yard. It came down four years ago, and a friend had...
  2. Carved apple ladle

    Carved a ladle from a piece of the crab-apple tree that came down in my yard in MN in 2013. The handle of the ladle was the bottom side of a branch on the tree, and was visibly rippled before I even cut off the bark, so I was pretty sure it would show some interesting figure. Carved in 2020, so...
  3. Oak Slab countertop with cutting board

    Hey everyone, haven't had time to post any new projects due to work commitments and other life adventures but here is the latest that I completed. It originally started as a oak tree that fell in my neighbors yard which I milled up and basically sat there waiting for some inspiration. Well fast...
  4. Small Turned Boxes

    Box on left is spalted maple with a purple heart insert and knob and spray lacquer finish. The other is spalted flowering crab apple with BLO and wax finish. Both are about 4" tall.
1-4 of 4 Results