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  1. Crab Apple Turned Box

    This is my first turned box. It is made from Crab Apple with Black Walnut "stem." 2 years ago we had a couple of tornados come through Western Massachusetts, which is a very rare occurence. My friend and co-worker was fortunate that his house was spared but he pretty much lost every tree on his...
  2. A few pens

    I don't normally post my pens but I've done a few lately that I thought looked nice so here they are. All the kits are Flat-Tops. A few roller balls and a few fountain pens. 1) Blonde gmelia burl 2) Amboyna burl 3) Stablized maple burl 4) Crab apple Thanks for looking.
  3. Wizard Wands

    Here is another set of Wizard Wands and box sets I made for a customer. I showed off some pictures of my earlier project to a collegue and she requestd 6 for all of her children, grandkids and 1 for her to show off in her office. She is definitely 1 of my best customers! I made these out of a...
  4. Long Productive Weekend!! or Holiday Ornaments Part two.

    It has been a very productive weekend. The nice thing is that starting Thursday morning I have been able to spend a number of hours each day in the shop. I have thoroughly enjoyed and been quite busy. I was able to complete my final order for the light show with 25 ornaments, 12 pens(there is 4...
  5. Leafs of the Banana Tree

    This is from 100 year old crab apple tree. The vase is 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide at the top. We have a banana tree in our yard hear and I love the way the leafs unfold when they grow.
  6. Crab Apple hiker

    This hiking stick was made from a back yard trimmed crab apple branch. The handle is made with two white tailed deer brow tines stacked on ready rod [threaded rod] along with walnut . Leather spacers seperate the pieces. You can grip this handle loosely and the two brow tines pervent your hand...
  7. Blogs
    Natural bowl After filling some of the cracks last night with CA, I went out and got turning on that piece of crabapple after work tonight. I found the center by finding the center of each leg of the crotch and then drew lines to intersect at the middle. Not sure if that's the proper way to do...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I need to trim an aluminum threshhold/saddle. Can this be done safely on a 10 in. miter saw with a 60 tooth carbide blade? It is 5" wide x 3/32 thick. Thanx
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    In the latest issue of ShopNotes magazine, there is an article on three different Veritas Dowel making devices. Dowel Maker, Dowel Cutter and the Dowel Plate. I would like to find more information from those that have used any or all of these devices. The article describes what can be done...
1-9 of 9 Results