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  1. horse breaking

    I wanted to do another picture of the pattern I had with the cowboy breaking his horse. I have several plaques that I had made in few years ago, for another priject and he=ad these left so I put this picture on here. The turn out of this picture to me is quit nice but burning ontop of poly is...
  2. Recent pen order

    I was asked a while back if I could make pens with Steelers and cowboys logos…. took me a while to find someone that had blanks (I've yet to try casting my own) but I finally found some here that are made of alumilite. I'd never turned alumilte before but it was great to work with! As you see in...
  3. Cowboy's Locker | Murphy Wall Bed | Custom

    I built this for display in April 2015. I don't get to do this often, I actually made something for myself. It is a series of five lockers, with the middle three being false. They pull down to make the bed. Some improvements I made on this one is I now use Create-a-bed kit to eliminate the...
  4. My Latest Carving: Football Player

    My latest carving, carved for a special order from a customer (I'm a Saints and Charger fan…). 1.5 inches tall, basswood, acrylic paint. Claude
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I'm looking to find a program that would enable me to, rather quickly, make designs for projects I would like to make. The two options I'm looking at are SketchUp and Woodcraft. I looked at some videos of the Woodcraft app and it seems like it's pretty useful. Has anyone ever used this? Has it...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi, my shop is located in the basement but I want to get a second miter saw to do simple cuts in the garage. I've got a Ridgid 10" non-slider already which is setup for accurate cuts and miters. The one in the garage would be to rough cut lumber to make hauling sticks to the basement easier. I...
1-6 of 6 Results