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  1. Countertop with old wood

    This old cabinet on the porch had a laminate top that was peeling off, so I got some old 1×6 pine at the reuse warehouse and made a new countertop. The boards were fairly straight so I just planed the edges a bit to get a fresh glue surface, then glued them up, took the glue off and stained it...
  2. New Cypress Cabinets for the wife

    The wife wanted new cabinets….and what the wife wants she gets.Built with rough cut cypress kiln dryed to 7% moisture content.
  3. Wood Slab Counter/Bar Top

    This counter/bartop is made from walnut and is 12' long. It has a simulated live edge. It will be finished and installed by its owner.
  4. Surprise Swap take two!!! Yeah I shipped another one.

    Ok everyone, as if my first surprise swap gift wasn't enough, I just can't help myself I guess. This one was a late entry but still counts I think. It went to builtinbkyn (Bill). I put everything in the shop aside last weekend to rush this out. It could be better (sorry Bill) but it's what I...
  5. New kitchen...finally

    Replaced old laminated kitchen cupboards with solid hickory. Did not want to change sink base area, so we ordered cabinet fronts only. Worked out great. The only thing was, I had to build by own drawers…and, yes, they are 24" deep. I used a lock joint using the router. Simple to do, only 1...
  6. Hickory Island Edge Grain Up Butcher Block

    Updated Picture! Hickory butcher block that is curved on all sides.
  7. Kitchen Countertop refinish

    When the house was purchased (1910 Craftsman), the kitchen counter top had brown & blue ceramic tiles, 6" sq, with white grout. It was hideous tile, and the grout job was worse. Fortunately, the installer slapped a 1/2" ply (grade b or worse) over the doug fir slab & tiled away! I was able to...
  8. Myrtle Bowl

    Got some wood from my Uncle. The deal was, a bunch of wood for a turned project. I think it turned out alright nice lidded bowl.
  9. Kitchen countertop.

    Hello Everyone, Posting pictures of a portion of our kitchen countertop. The Walnut is reclaimed barn wood. Hope everyone approves. ~Matt~
  10. Honey Locust Breakfast Bar Island Countertop

    A friend commissioned me to build a kitchen breakfast bar that needed to match their table made of an unknown tropical species. It measures roughly 10' x 10' and 21" wide. I used a 3 step dye process where I artistically wet sand through the layers using 50/50 spirits and wipe on poly as the...
  11. Wooden Trivet Set

    The original idea for the Fish Trivet came from Popular Woodworking. I modified it by reducing the thickness (for esthetics), and created a set of three different sizes to accommodate a variety of large and small serving dishes (meat, potato and vegetable). The set is a wonderful addition to...
  12. Kitchen Cabinet Display/Model

    After all the red oak kitchens I had built for customers I was running outta places to put the left over material. I decided to make a model cabinet/countertop so when i meet with a potential customer i can explain and point out the details of my work, and they can see what there getting.
  13. Mahogany Countertops

    Picked up some 5/4 mahogany from a local yard to make countertops for some stock cabinets. Added the bead board and trim to dress up the peninsula.
  14. Reclaimed Wormy American Chestnut Countertop

    Reclaimed Wormy American Chestnut countertop that I just finished for a small home improvement store in my area. The top measures 4'x6' and is 1-3/4" thick. I started with rough sawn recaimed 2×4 timbers that came out of an old local farmhouse dating back in the 1800's. After 3 separate...
  15. New Countertop for old cabinets in rental house

    Well, this was a bit of an experiment, I broke the countertop trying to put in a new dishwasher so I decided to use the reuse the under/over mounted sink and rebuild. I wanted to under-mount the sink, but refuse to spend any real money on this rental. (Renters have a sort of sixth sense for...
  16. End Grain Board Purpleheart & Lyptus

    I saw this design online and wanted to have a go at making my own. A very experimental project for me really. I just used remnants of previous projects and the wood selection would not have been my first choice. I gifted the board to my cousin as I rarely sell my work.
  17. Reclaimed Red Oak Countertop

    Here's a project where we wanted to make the old wood look new. We have a pile of red oak I've been making countertops and tables from. Here I laminated a bunch of 3/4×2" strips together to create a long grain butcher block countertop. It sure is nice having a widebelt sander for projects like...
  18. Maple Coutertop with Quilted Front

    I work at a Salon in Central Phoenix. We just remodeled and I built the bar area for the clients to have refreshments at. It's a ~9+ ft. long, 20" wide", 2" thick maple countertop with a 3.5" quilted maple front. It's sitting on a birch plywood shelf I bolted to the wall I framed. It also has L...
  19. Small elm butcherblock counter top

    This was a countertop for a client in rental housing. We saved the old countertop, so that when he moves out he can take this one and "trim it up" as a free floating cutting board.
  20. Depth

    This is a very special piece to me. I was commitioned to make it before it was even made, a first for me sculpture wise. I have the chinese symbols for, strength, wisdom, respect, father and love. On the right of the face there is a shadow behind with the symbol for father on it meaning even...
1-20 of 98 Results