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  1. Custom Library Build

    Finished a room renovation to convert my living room into a library. I added in a coffered ceiling and a gas fireplace too. There is a link below to a video if your interested in the finished project or want to see the details of how i built the room. If you have any comments or suggestions...
  2. Brother's Vanity Top

    Howdy, It's been a long while. Life happens but it's hard to stay away. I visited with my brother, Wesley, just after Christmas last year. He has been remodeling his home. It looks great. As he was talking about his bathroom vanity top, I started thinking. To make a long story short, He really...
  3. White oak, butcher block, counter top

    White oak, butcher block, counter top 9' x 2' x 1 1/2" A commissioned counter top I made out of clean, quarter sawn white oak. This was not the usual bar/counter top build that I encounter. This counter top is going to be used outside as a BBQ chefs station and serving table. The counter top...
  4. wifes christmas gift

    well this is the wifes Christmas gift,a new walnut counter top with a brand new kitchen aid cook top and oven.i changed brands from ge to kiitchen aid assuming all was the same! well after 5 hours of ADJUSTING! its all good.the walnut top rocks,much better than the old oak I got a nice...
  5. African Mahogany Utensil Storage

    African Mahogany utensil organizer. Easy storage and quick access for knives, scissors,pizza cutters, potato peelers, etc. This would also work well as an organizer for the bathroom or office. Finish is a boiled linseed oil and polyurethane varnish mixture. Dimensions: 24" wide x 8" high x...
  6. Maple Sink Stand and Counter Top

    Hi LJ's. This is recently completed sink stand with an edge grain counter top. Pretty straight forward build. It's constructed from 8/4 Hard Maple with loose tennon joinery. Lots of big lumber on this project. The legs are 3×3 inches square and the top is 1.5 inches thick. The top was glued up...
  7. Reclaimed Red Oak Countertop

    Here's a project where we wanted to make the old wood look new. We have a pile of red oak I've been making countertops and tables from. Here I laminated a bunch of 3/4×2" strips together to create a long grain butcher block countertop. It sure is nice having a widebelt sander for projects like...
  8. Bar top overhang

    This is just a slab counter top. The walnut slab has a very large crotch which makes it visually appealing. The slab was sanded to 180g and finished with an oil based urethane (GF Arm-R-Seal satin). The slab was purchased from Second Chance Hardwoods in Elkton, MD.
  9. Black Walnut Cabinet Set

    Just finished a set of cabinets for my church's media room. It's 24" deep, 29" tall (with the counter top on), and 96" wide. I think it turned out quite nice!
  10. Kitchen Counter Trim and Glaze Coat

    A few years ago, I experimented with tiling the top of our counter top. I used travertine, (which is a form of limestone), due to its resemblance to marble at a cost far less. Unfortunately, travertine is relatively soft and after a few years started to become pitted around the sink area. I...
  11. Maple Counter Top

    Made an interesting change to the normal maple butcher block counter top. In this house the counter tops went up the side over the top and down the adjoining side. I used jumbo dovetails to connect the top and sides. The fun part was knowing that any mistake would rune the entire top you were...
  12. Hickory/Walnut Counter Ttop

    Here is a counter top I did for a friend of mine a few years back. It is made from hickory and trimmed in walnut. It looked pretty good in his log cabin.
  13. Shop made compass

    I am currently working on a project that will require me to swing an arc with an 18 in. radius. I have trammel points with a scribe on either end but won't hold a pencil or marker and I also have a couple of smaller compasses. So this is what I was able to come up with. Everything was made from...
  14. Ring Box

    A friend of mine is going to ask his girlfriend to be his wife, so I made him a little box for the ring. I used my own ring in the photo. Cherry sides, Maple top, Purple Heart bottom. Thanks for looking.
  15. Pens

    Hi all, turned a couple of pens from kits by Craft Supplies USA. Really like their bolt action pen.Very quick to turn and you get gratifying results. C&C welcome. No polish on it, just sanded to 15000.
  16. Fynnn's Saddle Shop..... Front Office

    Last fall, I was at Flynn's Saddle Shop in Boise, Idaho. I dropped off a portfolio and discussed having the business show case some of my saddles.The manager of the western department was agreeable to that and I left the portfolio with one of the owner's wives. I also learned that they were just...
  17. Lost Pens

    I had bought a veriety of pen kits and blanks for Christmas presents. Well over the course of the year I had forgotten where I hid them and even what kind they were. At the end of november I started looking for them and could find no sign of them. So I ordered some more last week. I was out...
  18. Crochet Box

    This is my first serious attempt at handcut dovetails and it is much more difficult in hardwood than pine but by the end they were looking pretty decent. The box is Cherry with a poplar bottom. The poplar was a nice piece with greens and purples in it. Finish is oil/varnish and wax on the...
  19. Blanket Chest

    My sister asked me to build her a blanket chest last year for Christmas and this is the result. The design itself is not my own, I found it in a Wood Magazine special edition full of project plans. The frame and lid are made from poplar that I dyed and stained to resemble walnut and the side...
  20. Bar cabinets

    Here is a project I just finished for a customers new house the back bar and the bar island are 7 feet with a small raised eating counter for stools. made the counter tops the little raised counter was a challange with the rounded corners on all four sides.
1-20 of 47 Results