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  1. First Intarsia Attempt (Teddy Bear)

    I have to credit fellow LJs KoryK and TrippleB for peaking my interest in Intarsia. KoryK posted an Intarsia class and blog that gave me the confidence to try this art form. This free Teddy Bear pattern is included in a E book class called Intarsia 101. Since this was my first attempt at...
  2. Vase of blown out cottonwood

    Vase of blown out cottonwood. I kept hitting voids, inclusions and rot. At about 8" tall it's smaller than I anticipated, but it has a lot of character!
  3. Three vases, Two thrones, and a hooded table top

    1) vase#1 - basswood, soapstone (base), tempera paint, 2 1/2' tall 2) vase #2 - Buckeye, Holly (base), 3' tall 3) vase #3 - Basswood, found objects (pulley wheel, grinding wheel, circular sawblade) base… I used the saw blade as a very large washer. 3' tall 4) two thrones - chainsawn from...
  4. My First Real Wood Spirit

    There are thousands of wood spirits roaming around but, I am okay with how this one came out. I went step by step following the DVD. Rewinding and replaying from start to finish in one sitting (5 hours including breaks & interuptions). Cottonwood bark purchased in person at the Smokey...
  5. Another Stool?

    Yes, this one is for me. I am experimenting with this one. I bought some cottonwood…yes, thats right cottonwood. I didn't know you could use this wood for making things. Well, I have tried. It works ok i guess, but I am trying to stain it and it is a "Bear" as you can see by the pictures. I...
  6. Cottonwood wine rack

    This one really pleasantly surprised me. After I drilled the holes (3 1/2" hole saw and 1/2" straight router bit to hog it out), I was really disappointed because the holes drilled from each side didn't quite line up. As a result, the whole piece was destined for the firewood pile until I got to...
  7. Nakashima Inspired Coffee Table

    Please don't crucify me for painting it. I have been really inspired by a lot of George Nakashima's work, but I didn't want to just do the same old thing that everyone else has done. I have a craft show coming up June 10th so I thought the added color would be a great attention grabbing piece...
  8. Pine & Cottonwood Log End Table with Turquoise Inlay

    This is end table #1 of an end table set that we just completed. The base is made from pine and the top is cottonwood. We weren't going to add any inlay to these tables, but they were just screaming to be inlayed hahahaha. This inlay is addicting. The size is 22 1/2" tall and the top is 23×22
  9. #2 Pine & Cottonwood End Table with Turquoise Inlay

    This is the matching end table to the other pine end table. The sizes are close to the same. The table tops have been sealed with Bullseye Sanding Sealer and Satin Polyurethane. And the bases were finished with Satin polycrylic
  10. Burled Cotton Wood Glass Top Coffee Table with Turquoise Inlay

    This coffee table is made out of burled cottonwood, the glass top measures 5'x3' and stands 17" tall. We inlayed the burls as well as a bear track design on the top of the posts with turquoise.. This table is finished with satin poycrylic.
  11. Electronics Remote Control Caddie

    A friend of mine wanted a way to control/store all this electronic remotes he has strewn over his end table. He offered a couple slabs of rough cut walnut if I would make him this caddie. After trimming off the sapwood and wood rot areas I didn't have the width I needed for the back. I...
  12. Burl Pine End Table Turquoise Inlay

    Burl Pine end table, Sits on a burl cottonwood base and has a burl cottonwood top. We inlayed a piece of burl pine in the top and laced turquoise though the pine veins. It is 23" tall and the top measure 17"x22" We finished the top with tongue oil and the burl pin pedestal was sprayed with...
  13. Incense Coffin

    Friend at work requested I make her an incense coffin. She's a yoga instructor on the side so I thought I'd do something zen. Measures 13" width, 3 1/2" tall, 2 3/4" wide. Made of curly maple with walnut & cottonwood (my replacement for holly) inlays. Love this wood, just have a hard time...
  14. Intarsia Rose

    This is my second attempt at Intarsia. Credit for the rose design goes to Judy Gale Roberts The rose petals are made from cedar and highlighted with cottonwood. The leaves are made from poplar, the stem and thorns from walnut. The finish is a couple of coats of high gloss lacquer. The...
  15. Custom Hat Rack, Shape Keeping Band Block Design, Wall Mounted Hat Storage, Aromatic Cedar Wood

    Custom Made, Hat Size Holding Hat Rack, by Mark DeCou Studio If you are looking for Hat Racks, here is another Molesworth Style Hat Rack that I designed recently The Hat Collection (From Top): Custom Straw Porkpie: by Tom Gomez Custom Western Beaver Felt: by Jim Spradley Custom Beaver...
  16. Elk Antler Coffee Table, Burl Redwood Top Turquoise Inlay Furniture

    This coffee table was custom ordered. The top is burled redwood with turquoise inlay. The pedestal is burled pine and the base is burled cottonwood. We finished it with tung oil, this sure gives it a nice hand rubbed finish and very easy to maintain.
  17. Rustic Lazy Susan with Malachite Stone Inlay

    We had a special request from a customer for a 22" lazy susan with malachite inlay. It is 2" thick and coated with 3 coates of poyurethane. This was a fun and simple project
  18. Wolf Head - Carved in Cottonwood Bark

    Here is another "first" for my carvings. I had never tried carving Cottonwood Bark, but had seen and admired many beautiful pieces that had been done by other carvers, so when one of our club members offered to do a workshop, I was in!! The lady giving the workshop is a wonderful instructor...
1-20 of 127 Results