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  1. Herman's Bay Bench

    I was asked to support our local United Way campaign by donating a 'Florida Coastal Cottage" piece of furniture to be raffled off. Off in the shop awaited some AARP rated pine slabs. (Yes, old growth fir at 8/4 and 6/4, 16 inches wide and collecting too much dust) A little jointing, some noisy...
  2. Farie Cottage

    Was digging through the woodpile and decided to make a farie cottage. Used a small hickory limb for the cottage trunk and bradford pear bark for the roof. Very relaxing to make, no rules, and it can become whatever your imagination spits out. Put it in our Etsy shop. We'll see what happens...
  3. TV Cabinet with Reclaimed Barn Door Hardware

    This is a fun project I did for a customer that wanted to do a simple outdoor cabinet for their flat screen tv. The cabinet is made of MDF. I laminated 1/2" pieces together to give it the paneled look and to increase the strength. The hinges are Blum 170° Full Overlay euro hinges and I used 3...
  4. Cottage Style Screen Door

    My wife wanted a new screen door that was whimsical and would fit our 40's style cottage home. Here is was I came up with. We are going to paint it bright red.
  5. Cottage Sign and Post

    Decided to make this sign and post for the cottage to replace the old weathered and cracked one. Used cedar for the post, a half lap joint and bolt to join the post pieces. Used a router to do the letters, and added a border using miter joints. Finished with a few coats of helmsman exterior. Enjoy
  6. Cottage Deck

    This was a project at the family cottage over several weekends. The wood is locally sourced Ontario cedar. These pictures actually aren't the completely finished product but as I'm only allowed to upload 3 pictures, these are some of the better angles. Got some more pictures up on...
  7. Maya's Cottage

    Maya's Cottage. My daughter Maya is 3 and a half and asked me if she can have a playhouse when we were at a yard sale one day. (There was a plastic version of one there). I Told her I rather make you one sometime. (I really didn't want to buy it 'cause I was saving my money for tools and...
  8. New Wood Entertainment center and Coffee Table

    Most of our projects are built using reclaimed lumber, but sometimes we enjoy the challenge of doing something with new wood direct from the lumber mill. We were asked to design and build a matching entertainment center and coffee table for a condo near the beach in Florida. What we ended up...
  9. Daughters Bed

    OK, So this is not relay wood (MDF) but it was one of the things I "finished". And I got to use my Skillsaw, Jigsaw, Orbital Sander, Shopvac, Hamer, Drill, MitterSaw, and a friend's Router (now I have my own.)
  10. Hand Carved Sign

    Here is my first commissioned sign. It is carved from pine, then stained or painted and coated with 4 coats of exterior clear finish. My wife really likes the trees and now is hinting she would like one of these signs.
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Folks, I need to replace my DeWalt sander and I want to buy a Festool sander. Rotex vs. ETS vs. DTS vs. RTS. Too many from which to select!! I am leaning toward a RO 90 except I'm concerned it is too small in diameter for larger flat surfaces. I am open to the idea of having 2 but which 2? Any...
  12. Blogs
    I Believe Introductions Are In Order! :D My name is Robin Gosse, living in a (very) small town on the northern tip of the island-portion of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. We are WAY out in the Atlantic ocean, farther East than New England region of the USA, well above 50...
  13. Blogs
    Log Cabin Sauna Hello all, Lately I have been thinking about making a cedar log cabin sauna for my cabin in the woods. I was thinking I could some how rig it up with a small wood stove. Anyone have any comments or suggestions to me about this? I am planning on squaring the logs so for it. My...
  14. Wood & Lumber
    I'm looking to buy some briar blocks for pipe making from eBay and I've noticed the majority are coming from sellers in Greece and Germany. I'm leery to buy anything from someone outside of the us and was wondering if any one has bought from them before.
1-14 of 14 Results