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  1. large retirement trunk

    Large retirement trunk
  2. Shadowbox

    Shadowbox I made for a retiring Gunnery Sergeant.
  3. M-16 plaque

    Last minute project I was hesitant to start, but someone talked me into it. M16 made to scale from redwood, cedar, pine, and wenge.
  4. Bomb shadowbox

    Little shadowbox I did last minute for a retiring Gunny.
  5. Finishing
    So I am making some wooden earrings for my girlfriend from different types of wood and I decided to do a beeswax finish on them. It is a mixture that I have been using only for this project (linseed oil and beeswax in 4:1 ratio) and it really shows interesting characteristics of wood. But…...
1-6 of 6 Results