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  1. sweet corn holders

    Couldn't pitch the tiny little offcuts from previous cutting board posting. These took about 15 minutes, but my wife loves them. wenge, yellowheart and Martin Luther King black cherry. Inch and 3/8 brads with the heads clipped off. Brads were .062 dia , drilled a .050 pilot hole about 1/4 deep...
  2. Cornhole Boards

    These are my first cornhole boards. 2×4 frame (planed to 1 1/8") glued and screwed to a 3/4" birch top. Did a slight round-over on the top as well. Made a positive-location jig to router the holes. Cut a ledge in the legs to support the board on them directly. I didn't want the carriage bolt on...
  3. Squirrel Spinner

    When the squirrel tries to get to the piece of corn the whole arm will spin around because he weighs it down. This will "spin" the little guy right off the arm. Sometimes they fly, sometimes they just fall. They've successfully snagged one ear already and we're waiting to see on the other. My...
  4. Barnwood Dining table for two squirrels or one greedy one :)

    Barnwood Dining table for two squirrels or one greedy one :) Pretty straight forward, I was piddling around..and made a frame out of 1×6 barnwood with an angled 15 degree roof, put a table and two chairs in there and epoxied the shank of a couple of big nails out of the table to put the corn...
  5. My first Bean Bag Boards

    A friend asked if I could step away from the furniture for long enough to build a pair of bean bag boards with a Harley Davidson theme. The boards were simple, but paint. OMG, I had no idea what I go myself into. I had them all painted before I realized that you can't just put ANY clear coat...
  6. Second attempt at bean bag boards

    My first set was a painting disaster. Had to read up on paint do's and DON'TS. Turns out I had the "don'ts" down pretty well….... and it showed. This time the paint went on and stayed on much better. I used a Kreg pocket hole jig so there are no visible holes to fill and construction of the...
  7. The Circus comes to this town..too

    It's a squirrel feeder or free entertainment depending on how you look at it. After my B-I-L posted his "fur flinging feeding forum", I promised somewhere in the discussion to post mine, which I modeled after one that I built for my father. Much to Obi's displeasure I too used left-over...
  8. Custom logo corn hole boards

    Here are some mini corn hole boards. I custom cut the logo from vinyl. Still need to put a coat of poly on it for that great sliding effect, but they are mainly done. Check out the video on how I made these.
  9. Carolina Panthers corn hole boards

    Mini corn hole boards. Designed for the fan of the Carolina Panthers football team. Hand cut decal out of vinyl. Here is a video on making them.
  10. Camoflauge Corn hole board game

    Here I made some camoflauge corn hole boards. The boards are "military" camo and the bags are "huning" camo. Thanks for looking.
  11. Corn Cob Back Scratcher

    It's been a while since I have posted a project, huh? After building my squirrel picnic area, I was replacing an old cob with a fresh one. Then I got an itch between my shoulder blades and used the old cob to scratch it. It felt great! Fantastic even! Hence, here is my latest creation...
  12. Cornhole game set

    Well, here's how the greater part of Thanksgiving was spent….getting beat by my brother-in-law at cornhole. Using the game set that I made for him! Oh well… Made this set up over a few days out of 1/2 birch ply and 1×4 pine. I notched the pine so that the plywood lays in the inset - no exposed...
  13. Woodturning
    I wasn't sure whether to post this in Woodturning, or Power tools, so please bare with me, as this is my first post. I am pretty sure I want a lathe. I have looked at a lot of projects, and have some birthday money left over to spend frivolously before it gets sucked into bills or car...
  14. Blogs
    Easy Built Corn Hole Boards In this video I show how to make corn hole boards (also know as bean bag toss game). These boards are nice because you can fold the legs up easily for quick storage. Please Subscribe! Watch the video here!
  15. Blogs
    Make A Mini Corn Hole Game
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm just wondering if making corn cob pen blanks is something that a person could do on there own or if buying the blanks is the best way to go. I couldn't find much on the web about the process, but it sounds like you would need to somehow soak the cobs in some sort of resin. Just wondering...
1-16 of 16 Results