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  1. Wine stopper and corkscrew set.

    The wine stoppers are olive wood and canary wood, the corkscrew stopper is cocobolo. The block is maple and the engraving done on a CNC machine. The letters were colored with craft paint prior to applying the finish.
  2. Maple and Purpleheart set

    This was a gift set of a corkscrew, wine stopper and bottle opener. I couldn't find a chrome or stainless bottle opener anywhere….anyone know where to get one? The wood is maple with a 1/8" inch purpleheart spline (actually this was leftover purpleheart from box miter splines!)
  3. Corkscrew Coatrack

    My daughter is a lover of fine wine, so I made a corkscrew coat rack for her apartment.
  4. Wine Stoppers

    Here are a couple wine stoppers I made recently. First time working with both Redheart and Olive Wood - I was amazed that Olive Wood has a very strong olive fragrance when turning! Right now I'm giving away about everything I make, my neighbors love me…
  5. A corkscrew and two new pens

    Hello I try to make a corkscrew. It isn't as easy as I think but I'm happy for the first try To continue the series : two new pens Thanks for looking
  6. Wood & Lumber
    Hi! My neighbour cut down a birch tree that was in the way of an electrical line. It was in a hill and right before winter, so when the day after snow began to fall, they didn't clean the branches up. About 5 weeks ago they cleaned the hill up from branches, so I came and scooped some of the...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a $100.00 HD gift card courtesy of my cable company. Now the question is what to get. The 2 things I have in mind are a Dado blade or a Keg jig. I am looking at the Freud dado set that HD Caries (sorry don't know the model # off hand.) that sells for $99. Or the Kreg jig set that they...
1-7 of 7 Results