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  1. Sofa Table with Granite Insert

    I was selected to build a Mission style sofa table with some granite scraps from the clients kitchen. I used elements of Mission furniture such as through tenons, side slats, shelf, similar dimensions, and corbels, but that is where the similarities end. The top and shelf are cherry with...
  2. Dyed Curly Maple & Cork Trivet

    This is one of the Christmas gifts I made this year. It is for my wife's father and stepmother. We took a family cruise as a family reunion/vacation back in March. While on the cruise, I saved all the corks as I wanted to make something from them, but wasn't sure what that "something" would be...
  3. Wine Cork Wine and Glass Rack

    Small Wine Rack idea. Holds 3 bottles. 2 on the sides from the bottle neck and one in the middle. Holds 2 wine glasses in the slots.
  4. My First Bandsaw Box... With a Secret.

    I recently decided to make my first bandsaw box as a Christmas gift. I finished this box about 5-days ago, but wanted to finish the blog series I did on the process first. *For construction details, please visit my Bandsaw Box Blog Series. I'll go ahead and list all the details here, but won't...
  5. Coasters

    There are four of these coasters, but these two turned out the best. I never knew there was a green colored wood out there, and I especially didn't know that that green wood is willow. These were a breeze to make, and they turned out pretty well. I think I finished them with mineral oil, but I'm...
  6. Ghosts of Christmas Present #1 - Getting in the Christmas Spirits

    Shortly after Thanksgiving my wife decided that we should make a (literal) cork board for her mom. Great idea, I thought, something we've been meaning to make for a while. I was happier still when she said by we, she didn't mean me, it was something that she intended to (mostly) tackle on her...
  7. Coaster set

    Here is a set of six coasters. Made from hard maple with Purple Heart center strip. The coasters measure 4×4 inches with the holder measuring 5 1/4×5 and about 3 1/8 inches in height
  8. Bottle Stoppers and Box

    This was a mothers day gift this year, and it started out as 2 turned bottle stoppers. I made the red first two (left and center in all images), and then wanted to try mitered corners with spines. This was not something I'd ever done before, and wanted to test out doing it with my radial arm...
  9. Wine cork trivets with themes

    These are wine cork trivets. They are made of contrasting materials to draw out the symmetry of the corks and the wood. Most unusual about making these as a project is their ability to theme out any event or place. I only use real corks, not the plastic kind. In the picture provided, the...
  10. Unique Cork Candle Holder

    Last Saturday I was using some cork oak, which happened to have around a 4-5 inch layer around it which I removed. Today, I decided to try turning some of it- it is without a doubt the easiest "wood" I have ever turned. It is around 3 inches wide and 6 inches tall, with a mahogany base. It is...
  11. Oak Wine Cork Displays

    Here are a couple wine cork display boxes I made as gifts. I've had the idea in my head for quite some time, and I decided to finally make a couple and give them to friends that actually drink enough wine to fill them up. They were pretty simple to make, and everyone who's seen them so far has...
  12. Wolf coaster

    This is a wolf coffee coaster. They come in a set of 4 but this is the only picture I have at this time. This is a special order I did for a customer. The wolf is cut out of a roll of cork. the back plate is oak plywood. I glued the cork to the cut out plywood. I cut the cork and plywood with my...
  13. First T - Handle Bottle Pull

    So I was looking at this kit for a while and decided to get a a few when I purchased a bunch of other items. This was the first project that I made were dimensions was actually critical to the final project. The handles are made out of curly maple. I am waiting on some blanks from Australia...
  14. Bevel Boxes and Rip Tide Boxes

    Hello everyone, hope all are enjoying the wonderful summer weather. Today we have a run of boxes in two styles one of my favorite the bevel box and a sort incorporated Andy style box with the bevel style top. Made from Cherry, Bird Eye Maple and Padauk. I used the hinge pin method on the...
  15. Champagne coat hook

    This is made from an old play structure I tore down awhile ago. I is redwood with mother natures finish.
  16. Bottle stopper of figured poplar and recycled cork

    A bottle stopper of figured poplar and a recycled cork.
  17. Dart Board Surround

    Got tired of friends missing the board and hitting the wall in my newly finished bar. I went to the office supply store ad bought the largest peg board they had. I ripped off the cheap plastic frame and cut it to size with a razor knife. Unfortunately, the cork was only about 1/4" thick so, I...
  18. Purple Heart & Oak Coasters

    Coasters made from Red Oak and Purple Heart. Made to match the Red Oak and Purple Heart cutting board shown earlier. Cork was added to bottom after pictures were taken.
  19. Wine Cork Trivet

    It's great to know people who enjoy a glass of wine now and then…It makes this project really economical. I made this trivet using wine corks, pine trim, 1/4" plywood and felt feet. With some minor router work to give it some form. I have several more in the making.
  20. Wine Bottle Cork Message Board, Chandler Hill Vinyards

    My daughter's friend was married recently & the wedding reception was at the beautiful Chandler Hill Vinyards in Defiance, Missouri. When my daughter heard that the reception was to be at the vinyards she asked me to make a wine bottle cork message board like the ones that you find in several...
1-20 of 57 Results