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  1. Vanity and Bathroom hanging cupbord

    Trying to make an "Old World look" for a woman in Michigan. The copper patinas surprise me every time. I love doing them so much. Alder and walnut are the woods. Compact design in mind, but the hanging cupboard still has 2 towel racks made from aspen. Peace, Bruce
  2. Personal Cabinet

    It started as a pie safe as I remember as a kid. My Grandma was always baking and with a house full of grandkids, she utilized her safe. As I progressed I decided to use copper for the panels, and no real desire to punch holes. Alder and walnut were used, as they seem complimentary. 5 feet tall...
  3. Blogs
    Sketching Up So I finally joined the ranks of all you pro-Sketchuppers. I watched some of the videos a while back and didn't get it. Tonight I watched the first five videos from the Sketchup for Woodworkers website and it all became real clear. At least enough to make a decent model...
  4. Blogs
    My First Commission Well the Garden Gate business has picked up. Actually it had nowhere to go but up as this is my first commission. I won't have to go very far to deliver it either as it is going in right next door to my Garden Gate II. I thought I'd use part of the long weekend to get a...
1-4 of 4 Results