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  1. Copper Patina Gate III

    Signed, sealed, and delivered. Well it didn't have very far to go as this project is for my neighbor. The third picture is the view out of the side door of my shop/garage so I had a little extra incentive. This is my third copper patina gate and incorporates many design changes that I learned...
  2. Copper Patina Gate II

    So here's the latest version of the Copper Patina gate series. I took advantage of a major cooling period in the Sacramento area to get outside for some projects. The last picture is the first gate which despite the photos, is much greener than the second. You really can't tell, but the the...
  3. Blogs
    Sketching Up So I finally joined the ranks of all you pro-Sketchuppers. I watched some of the videos a while back and didn't get it. Tonight I watched the first five videos from the Sketchup for Woodworkers website and it all became real clear. At least enough to make a decent model...
  4. Blogs
    My First Commission Well the Garden Gate business has picked up. Actually it had nowhere to go but up as this is my first commission. I won't have to go very far to deliver it either as it is going in right next door to my Garden Gate II. I thought I'd use part of the long weekend to get a...
1-4 of 4 Results