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    Shop time and dovetails (at last) After what seemed to me (someone who's lived in a state where winter was 3 months-Jan, Feb, March--Florida, where there is no winter and Texas where winter lasts from Jan to Feb) an interminal winter, the garage finally warmed up to 40 today and I could no...
  2. Blogs
    Lamp Mounting Plates Day 2: Progress Got a hold of some free time today during naps and continued work on Jim's aspen mounting plates for his new garage lights. I took the two blanks of wood that I had sketched the design on from last time--here's the picture from the last entry to refresh...
  3. Blogs
    The Hand Saw Box! SO, I don't have a bandsaw, but I really wanted to make a bandsaw box. I have a coping saw, so I decided to try and make o e using that! Enjoy!
  4. Hand Tools
    I've been following Paul Sellers on YouTube as I continue to learn this magnificent new hobby/trade. One of his methods I found intriguing was his approach to sawing out the dovetail joinery with a backsaw and then chiseling out the waste from both sides using a knife wall as a guide. Now he is...
  5. LumberJocks Swaps
    Welcome to Lumber Jocks Saw Swap 2014. All input and advice are welcome to make this a great experience. We can make saw from kits, repurpose saws, make your own from different suppliers, and basically have fun making a useful saw for your shop. Sign up, details to follow. This is a skill...
  6. Finishing
    If the project I am building has been sanded and sealed with a sanding sealer, and if I go over it with a 400 grit sandpaper to remove the fuzz, how much can I sand before the sanding sealer is removed? In other words, how deep does the sealer penetrate the wood? (pine in this case)
61-66 of 66 Results