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  1. Christmas Gifts 2012

    A little late in the game posting, but here are a few of the xmas gifts made this year. All "borrowed" from other lumberjock members (I hope ya'll don't mind too much). This really is my first year getting into woodworking, so its the first year I've been able to make gifts. I have to say, that...
  2. Couple Cooler Stands

    The first stand is made from reclaimed ash & reclaimed cedar. Just so happens I had the cooler laying around too. The space between the cooler walls and the stand have been insulated with styrofoam and expanded foam. The second stand is made from new cedar deck boards.
  3. Walnut Cooler Stand

    Nothing new here but man was this one hell of a project. Mom said she wanted a cooler box and wanted it in walnut so I figured I might as well make it a skill builder. First time doing a hand cut mortise and tenon frame, first time splining miters, as well as first time inlaying a large piece...
  4. Deck Cooler Cabinet

    Seems this project is all over the internet and at many local flea markets so I decided to try and build one with my own ideas… FIRST AND FORMOST - I wanted to be able to get a beer at family gatherings without having to bend over and tug my Sam Adams from ground level. Next, I wanted it to...
  5. Cooler Stand

    My wife saw these cooler stands on Pinterest. I found one here on LumberJocks. Thank you MoreWoodPlease for your inspiration. Steve Ramsey encourages us to use paint. I love working with free pallets. We need to remember that pallet wood is not necessarily suitable for high end projects. This...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    I like to welcome new members, and each time I do, it adds to my number of post, which is now over 4000. To some this might look like I am a very active member making all of these great comments. If possible, I would like the number of post not shown for me. What do you other LumberJocks think...
1-6 of 6 Results