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  1. Continuous grain coffee table

    My first attempt at something which turned out to be quite difficult, A mitered corner, nested coffee table. The 'feet' are mitered as well to minimise the ground footprint. Sorry I thought I had pictures of the build but can't find them so included my Sketchup image. Timber is a NZ native...
  2. Walnut dresser for our soon-to-arrive son or daughter! :)

    Thank you to everyone who provided input on this dresser! I am SO happy with how it turned out!!! Our baby arrives in early August and we hope he or she will keep this dresser for years to come! I have not attempted something this big or in-depth before, so it took me wayyyy more hours than it...
  3. Little Flame

    My Little Flame won 2nd place in the North West Fine Woodworking 30th Annual Box Show in Seattle WA. materials are: Wenge Blood Wood Bubinga see more of this on my flickr page
  4. Walnut and Zebrawood Nightstand

    Our old ikea nightstand were worn out. Time to build one! A walnut and zebrawood night stand. The case is a mitered box with waterfall esque grain flowing all the way around it. The miters are reinforced with maple splines. It is a 2 drawer nightstand with poplar drawers and a zebrawood front...
  5. Mid Century Modern, Maple Living Room Set

    I made these for some friends of mine who are furnishing their new house one room at a time. I've always like this style of furniture but it didn't really fit with the rest of my house and so was happy to hear they wanted something like this when I offered to build something for them. Their son...
  6. Tea Box

    Made from Bubinga and Birdseye Maple. Continuous grain around the four sides. That was a trick. Resawed two boards to make the material for the box. Laminated keys and dividers made the project more challenging.
1-7 of 7 Results