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  1. Cypress Quilt Rack

    I made this quilt rack for our den. My mom is a one-woman quilting factory and has given my wife, son, and I many gorgeous quilts that need to be displayed. I made a similar pine rack for my mother, but I made a few changes for this one. This was the first project I finished with my new...
  2. Drill Press cabinet stand

    based on another member's design, fits fesstool systainers… plywood case, oak faceframes…all from leftovers gotta love it
  3. Worlds Best MOM

    Here is a plaque I made for my wife for mothers day. Not sure on the wood the detail is on 1/4 inch stock and the backer is 1/2 inch stock finished with Teak Oil. I had to much glue on there so if you look close you can see dried glue. Bummer for me that I couldn't make it look perfect. Let...
  4. Rustic buffet

    Custom made rustic red buffet made for my friend. She did the finish work. All I did was build a box out of plywood and pine. The hinges are from homedepot and I spray painted them black. The paint and stain were left over from previous projects. The cabinet was constructed using dadoed...
  5. Frontier Logs Play Set

    An aquaintance was asking if I knew where he could find plans for a log cabin play set (like the famous brand name we played with as kids) but my web searching found very little usable information. So, being me, I decided to figure it out myself. Above you see the results. I made all the parts...
  6. A Jewelry Box

    I am just getting started in woodworking. I spent some time working through David Freedman's book Box-Making Basics. This box is from the last chapter of that book. I have not yet built any dividers or internal trays. I want to wait to see just how my wife ends up using it and then we will...
  7. Norm's Adirondack Chairs

    I spend a little time every summer up in Maine and have been meaning to make some of these for while. I liked the painted look better and it allowed me to save money on the wood. Both based on the classic NYW design. My dog even helped to make them by keeping a small corner of my shop floor...
  8. Band saw box

    made this band saw box in my woods class i screwed it up
  9. Bowl

    I will name this one HEARTBREAK so befoer you make a positive comment take a closer look. I thought I would finish turning this bowl even though it had a couple stress cracks from drying. It was a 12 inch diameter so maybe I left a little too much shell. I hated to throw it away so filled the...
  10. Farm Style Table

    This is another Farm Style Table. My lesson is to show simple joints here and a assemble reassemble point for moving and a table top reuse. The legs for this are from 2 by 3 stock which are cheaper but measure 2 and a half so a little less bulky leg still with the character of construction...
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have posted a new video to the Skill Building page of my website. The video shows how I use both top and bottom bearing bits for template routing to get clean edges and reduce tearout. Free to view and no signup required. Skill Building Hope this is helpful, Ralph
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have posted a new "Skill Building" video on my website on template routing small parts safely and quickly. The video is short and free for you to view. Template Routing Small Parts I hope this is helpful and value any feedback you might have, Ralph
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hey folks, I have posted another Skill Building Video on my website. It is a short tutorial on template routing parts that are taller than your bit. Skill Building Hope this is helpful, Ralph
  14. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have posted a new Skill Building video on my website on using a template sled for safely milling odd shaped parts. It is free to view, and as always, I appreciate any input. Skill Building Ralph
  15. Marketplace Classifieds
    My first book; "Sand Shading; Mastering the 'Hot Sand' Method for Shading Veneers" is now available. Many of my antique woodworking books mention using the "hot sand" technique of shading veneers for inlays, but none of them actually describe the process. So I started from scratch and learned...
  16. Marketplace Classifieds
    My new book, "Frontier Logs Play Set" is out! This book contains complete instructions and drawings for making your own log cabin building set just like the ones we played with as kids. A set like this would be a great idea for Christmas for kids 3 and up. The plans are designed around using...
  17. Woodworking Skill Share
    I was in Venice last week and got to visit a "Squero", the boat shed where they build Gondolas. I put together this slideshow to share. What I found really cool is that since the gondolier rows only from the right side, the boat has to be built asymmetrical so that it wants to turn to the right...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    Cutting plastics comes up on the forums quite often, so I thought I would share the techniques I learned while working as a plastic fabricator. This is the first of a series of video on working with plastics in the woodshop. The videos are free to view on my website. Skill Building Videos...
  19. Marketplace Classifieds
    I've posted a new set of plans for sale on my website. These are plans for a full size, full function router table that folds flat for storage or transport. Perfect for the small shop or the jobsite. The 23 page, full color plans detail how to laminate the top, fabricate the aluminum bodied...
  20. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have uploaded a new video to the "Skill Building" page of my website. It is the first of three parts on making bent wood pieces by laminating thin strips together. Free to watch, I hope it is helpful! Skill Building Videos Ralph
1-20 of 22 Results