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  1. Mountain Ash Walking Stick

    The found wood for this walking stick comes from a backyard mountian ash trimming. Often very usable wood is sitting close by but we don't always notice it. The handle is made from a elk antler , the first year elk grow straight antler , the antlers grow as 2 single spikes known locally as a '...
  2. Diamond Willow Hiker

    A diamond willow hiker with a ball compuss , leather wraist strap , and a 12 gauge shot gun hull used to protect the bottom . SOLD Materials Wood - Bebbs Willow Leather strap Bruton Ball Compuss 12 Gauge Shot Gun Hull Finish - Satin Poly Thank you for your interest.
  3. Caragana Hiking Stick

    The found wood for this hiking stick comes from shelter belts here on the prairies. Farmers plant caragana around thier yard sites and fields to block the wind and trap winter snow. Caragana is a hardy bush that will withstand drought and the bitter prairie cold. But caragana was not a wood to...
1-3 of 3 Results