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  1. Bunmawashi with pen holder - post

    Bunmawashi with pen holder Japanese beam compass Last time I posted a Japanese compass it was back in 2013, so I think it must be about time to do one again. This time the Bunmawashi was not for me though, but for an artist friend who do wall paintings and did a series for elderly homes, where...
  2. Teak serving tray

    This is my first marquetry project its a teak serving tray with copmass rose inlay, made of wengé and maple. I,m realy proud of the result and am eager to know what you guys think of my work. - Frank Boer Skype: frank_boer More to follow if you guys like it. Thanks to Marc Spagnuolo and his...
  3. Salon table on yacht

    This salon table on my uncle's yacht, is the follow-up to the teak serving tray I made. - Frank Boer
  4. Spruce Burl Hiker

    Materials Wood - Spruce Leather Lanyard Brass Bottom Cap Satin Poly Finish Dark Walnut Stain Ball Compass 53 inches This stick not only has burls, it was also damaged by bark beetles, which can be seen in the 6th photo.
  5. Birch Hiker

    Materials Wood - Paper Bark Birch Compass Brass bottom Tip Leather lanyard Satin Poly Finish 54 inches
  6. Beaver Cut Diamond Willow 2

    Materials Wood - Diamond Willow Satin Poly Finish Brass Bottom Tip 57 inches I wish to thank the beaver that choose this stick.
  7. malletcompass custom made

    This is a custom made one of a kind maple ,walnut and mahogany mallet that also turns into a very nice compass for drawing circles from 1.5 inches to 33 inches ive tested it some and love it I have plans available in my youtube video description please check it out here a video on how I made...
  8. Simple router compass

    Here is my simple compass for a router. The wholes have a diameter of 30mm and a distance (center to center) of 50mm. It is made of multiplex (I hope it's not only in germany called like this…). To set up every radius I want, I made the center whole movable (the little aluminium profile). It has...
  9. Simple Beam Compass

    I made this a while back, but it might be useful as an idea for someone. I needed a compass to draw out the wheels for my homemade bandsaw and created this. It was a very quick project made from scraps and I've used it a lot since making it :) It's made by gluing a small 6mm piece in-between...
  10. Compass

    .50 cents for a plastic one at any dollar or school supplies store, but where is the fun in that. I used a 1 foot piece of a 1×2 to make this. Cut it in half to make 2 6 inch peices then cut 1 6 in in half longways, making 1 6 inch peice still 1×2 and the other 2 peices 1×1 that are 6 inches...
  11. Work in progress.

    Serving tray # 4 in progress. Finisched work photo's soon. - Frank Boer
  12. Diamond Willow Hiker #2

    Materials Wood - Bebbs Willow Leather strap Ball Compass Brass Tip Finish - Satin Poly 57" inches
  13. Wooden Hair Clips

    First, I started by re-sawing some cutoffs and turning blocks I had around the shop. This was mulberry, walnut, sycamore, pine and some dogwood. I passed each piece through the planer to give it a good gluing surface. Then arranged the pieces and glued them together. After the glue dried I...
  14. Compass Set for Swap

    For the Fall Layout and Marking Tool Swap I made a couple of compasses and associated marking tools for fellow LJ BMichs75. a.k.a. Brandon I had no idea what to make for this swap so I decided to take a look at some tools that seem handy but that, as a hobbyist, I can't justify the cost for...
  15. Finished Mahogany Serving Tray

    This is the finished mahogany serving tray I posted a 'work in progress' about earlier this month. I'm very pleased with the result. Check out the 4 min. movie I made about it on YouTube: - Frank Boer
  16. Compass Box for Sailor Son

    I am as green as grass, but have been told I should start posting some of my projects. My enthusiasm is far greater than my talent, but I'm learning every day. I'm a retired schoolteacher with a lot of time, so here goes; My middle son is in the Navy. I wanted something special for his...
  17. show floor

    This is the show floor that we made for our flooring company for the local Home Builders show. The compass is made of Wenge and Birdseye Maple surrounded by Brazilian Cherry. the rings are made of Ipe and Maple with a 3/16 strip of Brass. Field is made of Red Oak and border is Lacewood. The...
1-20 of 61 Results