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  1. Benchtop Downdraft Sanding Table

    I put together this downdraft benchtop sanding table from some scraps I had laying around the shop from other projects. I started with a small pieces of ½" MDF, ½" ply, 1/8" pegboard and a leftover 45 degree PVC elbow. The size was somewhat determined by the scrap pieces, but the long MDF...
  2. Clear Vue -- Thein Top Hat Dust Collector

    Thein Top Hat Separator gets married to a 16" Clear Vue impeller & blower housing with a 5hp Leeson motor. The result is a DC that outperforms the "short" cyclones from the major manufacturers for a fraction of the cost. In addition, when I get my dream shop one of these days with tall...
  3. Harbor Freight Dust Collector Mod

    After buying the Harbor Freight 2hp dust collector right after Christmas, I knew I was going to be making some changes to it. First, I dumped the upper bag and added a Wynn 35a filter. Second, I really wanted to put a pre-separator on the unit to keep from having to change the lower bags as...
  4. media center with bookshelves

    Had some extra time around the shop, so we decided to build this. Its made out of poplar and mdf and finished it with some dunn edwards paint. The top is walnut and finished with polyurethane. Not really my style of cabinet but I think someone will like it. Thanks for looking!!!
  5. Floating Shelves

    I saw the plans in a back issue of Woodworking Magazine and decided to give it a try with some scraps I had. They turned out okay and fit pretty good in one of the our bathrooms. I think I will be making a couple more for our other restroom.
  6. Dust collector for Dewalt SCMS

    I recently replaced my DW705 CMS with a DWS780 SCMS. The dust collector I built for the 705 was to small for the 780. I have several sheets of used plywood so I started out from scratch making a new one. I used one of the bigmouth collectors in the bottom that, right now, dumps into a 1/2...
  7. Cyclone Seperator

    I do not remember where this plan came from but it works very well Excuse the oversized lid on top I had a bigger plastic can but when I upgraded my collector the can split [ UPDATE ] ** I have now converted over to the Thien design
  8. Magnetic Vacuum Floor Sweeper

    Dear Jocks I look at Lumber Jocks every day looking for ideas on how to make fixtures and devices to make wood working easier. I have many examples of your great work. To pay it forward, I am posting my Magnetic Vacuum Floor Sweeper. My wood working has been a double edge sword for our...
  9. Multi Axis Burl

    I was lucky to get a few big leaf maple burl caps through a friend and had recently seen a demo on multi axis turning. Soooo, I had to try another new thing. Its fun doing one off things but I think it helps confirm my designation as a jack-of-some-trades and master of none. Maybe I'll find...
  10. Jointed carved bears #2

    This is the second batch of hand carved jointed bears that I have made. I think I have a bear obsession now ! Made from various timber and still experimenting to find suitable wood. They are cut from, camphor laurel, pine, birch and a couple of the dark timbers I can't identify. One cut from the...
  11. ingrain cutting board

    where- wahoo high material- walnut finish mineral oil
  12. 45° jig / sled for perfect miters

    I needed a jig to cut dead on 45° miters for keepsake boxes. using the blade set to45° will create a bit of a bow in the miter. Keeping the blade at 90° keeps the gyro effect and the force of inertia true. Some years ago I saw something similar, and the concept stuck in my pointy head. Now...
  13. wood portfolio

    This is my new portfolio, its been in the works for quite a wile. Made from eight different kinds of woods maple, cedar, redwood, spruce, yew, cocobolo, wenge, and the hinges are some kind of mystery wood I found that smelled funny but had great grain strength for a hinge. The logo is yew wood...
  14. Buck board wagon

    Some times U get some unusal jobs. Replaced the bottom boards and built a new seat and foot rest, all in one afternoon, Customer was tickeled, It sits in his front yard, His grand kids play on it. No ! He don't have a horse to pull it, it sits up on blocks.
  15. book shelf

    Pair of bookshelves for a customer.
  16. New Dust collection enhancement

    This is a dust/ debri collector I made based of of the plans here: I was a bit skeptical at first about this, but I can say now that it works perfectly. Almost zero dust or debris gets to my shop vac, and I see no real loss of suction. I have seen others...
  17. Router Fence

    So this is the router fence that I built.. its 36'' wide, 8" high with 4" adjustable faces..and its made from MDF The main form is put together with Pocket screws and wood glue and the gussets in the back were also pocket holed and glues to keep the L shape aligned. I also instaslled a dust...
  18. Keepsake Hidden Key Box

    This is one of my keepsake box I made over the holidays as Christmas presents. It's basically the same design as the one made by the Wood Whisperer. I was able to crank out 3 of these as I was new to cutting the dovetail slots, so that slowed me down, along with some unexpected, and severe...
  19. Repeat Customer : )

    I've really got to give thanks to my friend and customer , Brian , for all of the business he has provided me with since I gave him one of my boards as a Christmas gift too many years ago now. This board was to be a surprise gift from him to some relatives that had an old , well used and now...
  20. Wine bottle balancer

    I know the wine bottle balancer is not a big deal, but I am very green in the woodworking world and this is my first attempt. I am pretty happy about it. To top it off, my 5 year old son helped me! This is also the first of many projects that I hope to post.
1-20 of 95 Results