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  1. Miser

    From a series of human defects. "Miser". GAM It is made of a linden and covered with carnauba wax. Approximate Dimensions 12" х 4" х 6"
  2. Imperial Star Destroyer Display Shelf

    I built this for my Cousin to store his Star Wars collectibles on. Its made from MDF, some PVC pipe and a lot of paint. After glueing on the details, I did a white glue wash over the entire project to seal it, then primed and painted. I used my airbrush to paint the window. The...
  3. Latest folding all wood knives

    This is is the latest group of all wood folding knives just finished. I have show similar ones before and the folks who follow LJ's have seen my other offerings. These are for those who are a little newer and like this type of item. I am still searching for others who might make folding all wood...
  4. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I have not see a posting of a finished commission order so here goes. I have a (friend/customer) who gives me a nice order before Christmas every year. This year he requested two of the "I Have Secrets" boxes, eight all wood folding knives w/four of them made like a baseball bat and eight...
  5. Blogs
    Why Norm's power tool cabinetry revolution is happening... Well, I've been searching and looking high and low. Mainly for chisels and handplanes. I was looking for decent everyday tools, not collectibles. I didn't want to spend a lot money since that would take away from the money I need for...
1-5 of 5 Results