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  1. Kegerator collar - 4 faucets

    Homebrewing has been another hobby of mine for a few years now. Anyone who has bottled homebrew before knows what a chore it is to sanitize bottles, measure priming sugar, fill, cap and clean a 5 gallon batch of beer. A year ago I decided to step up to kegging my beer and since getting into...
  2. Shelf Pin Drilling Jig

    To evenly space pin holes when I build bookcases featuring adjustable shelves, here is this jig I use with my plunge router made out of 1/2'' plywood, inspired by the one made by Norm Abram in The New Yankee Workshop TV show. Using a 5/8'' Forstner bit, holes have been bored at 1'' center at the...
  3. Spheres

    Two 2" poplar spheres and one 2 1/2" maple. I do these between centers with shop-made cups.
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hey LJ's, I am looking for a good site or youTube video on cutting sliding dovetails. I intend to use non-powered hand tools. Tommy Mac showed instructions for a small ramp fixture for cutting tails for the face of the drawer dividers on his toolbox, but I wonder if someone has developed the...
  5. Wood & Lumber
    Hello all, I'm restoring a bellsaw Foley circle mill. Does any one have any experiance with the Arbor and collars? the inside collar that holds the blade is the "Fixed collar". the ownesr manual says its pressed on the arbor. can this pressed on fixed collar be removed? Mine looks like its a...
1-5 of 5 Results