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  1. Olfara and Stevador

    Olfara and Stevador were two 36 foot Yachts form the same lines plan by Jay R. Benford, one with a "great cabin aft" long keel, and wheelhouse and the other one with traditional outside cockpit design and a fin keel / skeg configuration. I built them in the mid eighties. This post is to invite...
  2. Blogs
    The Smaug Blog: Wood Boatbuilding 101, A Trip to the Sawmill To those of you who have requested more photos and explanations of my boatbuilding days, thank you for sending me into my stacks of old photos and allowing me the enjoyment of remembering a youth spent doing what I loved and creating...
  3. Blogs
    Cold Molding a Curved Panel I just got Friendship back in the water for the summer last week and when I was getting her rigged at the dock someone ( OK me) sat on the acrylic top of the sliding hatch. This has been a weak point for seven years since I initially built her and it amazes me that...
1-3 of 3 Results