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  1. Spinning Coin Display Box

    I made this project for a friend I had originally gave the coin to. She wanted the ability to show friends both sides of the coin without removing it from an enclosed Flag case. This was the idea I came up with. I used a standard plastic coin case and attached ball magnets on the top and...
  2. Redemption Project

    I built a coin display similar to this when I first began woodworking. There were a lot of things that I did with that project that I didn't like knowing what I know now such as using butt joints for the coin rows, not drilling pilot holes for the hinge screws, and not knowing how to use a...
  3. Mario Coin box

    Check out the video here: Next video coming out should be the Mario shown at the end, I will put the link here What do you get for a teenager for christmas? Hell if I know so I made this. I had actually messed around doing a painting of one of these and really liked how it came out. That put...
1-3 of 3 Results