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  1. Custom Library Build

    Finished a room renovation to convert my living room into a library. I added in a coffered ceiling and a gas fireplace too. There is a link below to a video if your interested in the finished project or want to see the details of how i built the room. If you have any comments or suggestions...
  2. Cherry Coffered Ceiling

    Here's a cherry coffered ceiling I did for christmas two years ago for my father-in-law. The cherry book shelves, cabinets, and wainscotting were already existing. I just did the ceiling to match.
  3. Custom Room

    We just knocked this one out just after Christmas. Solid Cherry! This job went very smooth except that there wasn't a square wall in the whole house. The customers were great and the job was right around the corner from the shop. So this made everything okay. I would have taken more before...
  4. Coffered Drop Ceiling

    About 4 years ago we began the relocation and remodel of our kitchen. The original kitchen was a narrow galley style kitchen, too small for more than one person at a time. Adjacent to the kitchen was an odd shaped unused room that was quite large so that is where the new kitchen would be...
  5. Joinery
    I normally use 3M blue painters tape to mask off areas that I don't want glue squeeze out to get on. This method has worked well for Titebond woodworkers glue. The other day I did the same procedure and then used J-B Weld glue and found that the tape lifted up and J-B Weld got under it. I was...
1-5 of 5 Results