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  1. Big Leaf Maple Burl table, Mid Century style

    This thing speaks for itself with its amazing figure, i just love this stuff. Just about every bit of a Big Leaf Maple tree has figure in it. This Burl was 32" in Diameter, and a finished 5/4 thickness. Theres not much to explain other than it took a lot of work to get it flat and perfect...
  2. Custom Oval Table

    This is a Custom Ash Oval Side Table that I created to accompany my Custom Ash Leather Upholstered Seat Rocker and my Custom Ash Leather Upholstered Seat Ottoman. I kept this Custom Table as simple as I could in an attempt to keep the price down. You can see how the lines carry from one part to...
  3. Custom Round Table Or Personalized Round Bathroom Vanity

    This is a Custom Ash Round Table Or Vanity that I created to expand what I have to offer galleries. I kept this Custom Table as simple as I could in an attempt to keep the price down. You can see how the lines carry from one part to the next creating a pleasing flow throughout the Custom Ash...

    Custom Live Edge Tables On Hair Pins.
  5. Coffee and End tables

    These tables were made the same way as the mahogany ones I made, 2" strips framed with 1/8" walnut and then I randomly cut grooves and installed walnut, solid ash legs with walnut aprons. I put several coats of a clear grain sealer on the top surfaces so they are like glass when I put the top...
  6. four tables

    we finished up four tables this week … two coffee and two dining … the two dining tables are headed to North Carolina next week i hope, and the two cherry and steel tables went around the corner in my home town and we delivered them last friday. the recycled chestnut table was a new design...
  7. Curvy Table

    This is my first project using my kreg jig. I downloaded the plans from It was my also my first try at using my router. After working on this project, I downloaded some plans from Wood magazine for a tablesaw/router table. It will be a few weeks before I...
  8. Sculpted Men's Valet & Watch Box

    Dimensions: 11"L x 7.5" x 5"H Materials: Sepele & Walnut This Men's Valet box features six 3" x 3" compartments for watches and two removable sliding trays for additional keepsakes. The box is constructed of solid Sepele hardwood, trimmed with Walnut accents and a solid figured Walnut top...
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I looked everywhere on the site and all I can find is the offer of a 2 week Free trial. I always like to know what I am paying and what I am getting. Anybody got this and what are your perceptions? Bob
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I need to drill 1/2 inch holes in wine bottles (empty) for a friend. Anyone have a recommendation as to the drill press speed?
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello, I am new to posting on this page, but after reading for a while I thought this group would be of some. I recently acquired a Delta 36-431 contractor saw with Beisemeyer fence used on Craigslist. I went through all of the procedures to align the blade, and even talked to a senior tech at...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    Lumber Jock "fussy" that is. Met Steve and his grandson today in Berea, KY. Real nice guy, but should use the name FUZZY with all that white hair, beard and mustache! I thought it was a polar bear driving that truck. ;-) He gave me some welding rods to try out on CI and mild steel.
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    LINKS TO EVERYTHING TAGGED AS "COFFEE TABLES" here are the links to postings here at, tagged as "COFFEE TABLE". Project Tags: COFFEE TABLE Blog Tags: COFFEE TABLE Forum Tags: COFFEE TABLE (Project by Cristof) (See all LumberJocks' Share GATEWAYS here)
  14. Finishing
    Hello Fellow Lumberjocks: I am working with aged Cypress beams that I have planed and plan to sand with belt sander for rustic coffee tables. What is the best finish to use if I dont want to stain the cypress, but give it a clear coat that has a little gloss to it ? Thank you.
1-16 of 16 Results