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  1. Even More Coffee Scoops

    Trying to get ready for a few shows and have some items for local shops. I made up another batch of scoops, sorry the pics aren't better they really don't show these off well. First is Flame Box Elder, second is Spalted Box Elder, third is Spalted Elm and the last is Elm.
  2. Spoons and scoops

    These spoons are made of cherry and birch. The finish is Watco butcher block finish. The coffee scoops are made of butternut, walnut, ash, cherry, birch and sumac with the same finish.
  3. Gifts for Holidays

    Just a few gifts for the Holidays, Merry Christmas to All !!! Some Coffee Scoops, a bottle stopper, scratch awl, & a palm Box(inspired by ANDY) Holidays are for enjoying the gift of giving
  4. Coffee scoops

    I finally got around to making my first coffee scoop then another and another and yet another! Before I knew it, I have a collection of over 30 of them and none of them are identical! They are addictive once you start making them. The scoops are pretty similar but not the handles. I find it...
  5. Blackened Cherry Coffee Scoop and Salad Spoons

    Working with fire this weekend, blackened the bowls with my torch, sanded them out to 400 grit and a few coats of walnut oil.
  6. Coffee Scoops

    I have a show coming up and I am trying to get some smaller items turned. These are easy and a great way to save scrap from the burn pile. 2 White Oak Burl scoops 1 dogwood 2 sweet gum handles 1 spalted walnut.
  7. More Coffee Scoops

    Turned 3 more scoops today. First 2 pics are Flame Box Elder and Walnut. 3rd pic is Spalted Elm and Walnut and the last one is Spalted Elm. Fun projects even if it does take me about an hour to do one. The bowl is 1-3/8" across and 1-7/8" deep handles are around 5-6"
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have some crown molding to hang in the kitchen and was wondering about using one of those jigs they sell. Prices seem all over the place. What works and what doesn't?
1-8 of 8 Results