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  1. Jeep # 3

    One more Jeep. I had some extra wheels left over from my build of the first two so decided to build another to use them up. Changed the design to a two door version this time. Like the first two it is made from Alder and Walnut and a little bit of Padouk. It is finished with 5 coats of spray...
  2. A Board for the Boys & Girls Club Christmas Raffle Fund Raiser

    A Board for the Boys & Girls Club Christmas Raffle Fund Raiser It could be used for serving, a cheeseboard or a bread board! The outer timber is TallowWood, with Red Gum, my Iron Bark plus two misc timbers. It's 17" [430mm] by 10" [250mm] by 7/8" [22mm] thick with 3 coats of raw natural...
  3. Cherry Wall Clock

    Made this clock out of Cherry. It's from a plan. I finished it with two coats of sanding seal and two coats of semi-gloss sprayed on polyurethane.
  4. Finishing
    Hi folks I'm wondering if any of you have used coconut oil as a finish on your cutting boards or butcher blocks? I have been using it on a couple of home use boards that needed to be re-oiled, but not long enough to determine if I would use it on any that I plan on selling or gifting to anyone.I...
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I'm addicted to the show How It's Made. I'm watching an episode now from December 2010. There's one section of the episode that deals with wooden kitchen items. One item is, of course, a wooden cutting board. Must admit the set up they have for gluing and clamping is pretty impressive, but the...
1-5 of 5 Results