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  1. Jewelry Box by sculptor Nairi Safaryan

    NAIRI SAFARYAN Jewelry Box Wild Pear Wood For more information, please visit Stay Connected! Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:
  2. Another day another finished box

    Another Christmas present finished. This keepsake box is made from Texas mesquite and curly maple. The banding around the top and bottom in the maple is cocobolo. Semi-gloss lacquer is used as the finish. Box size is 11×8 x 7".
  3. Lexington HS Podium

    Completed and shipped from Seattle to Massachusetts, this podium was custom created, designed and built for a High School in Lexington, MA. The base is made of American Black Walnut, with Claro walnut legs. The safety rail was a new addition to my design portfolio, made from steel and...
  4. Cocobolo Box

    July, 2015-A local lumber yard ran a sale on cocobolo remnants so I bought this piece to make a box. The white corners / legs and the black-painted rim for the lid are made from "live oak" from a tree in my front yard. The lid itself is some glued up hardwood from the scrap pile. The floor of...
  5. Christmas Center Piece

    I just completed this in time for Christmas dinner. It is one of my favorite pieces. Each "candle" consist of a small battery powered tea light in the top of a turned piece of wood. I chose several of my favorite woods from all over the world and I turned each "candle" in a different...
  6. Desk for my home office

    Built a desk for myself over the last week. It's the first real piece of furniture I've ever built by myself. I wanted a simple desk with a lot of workspace. I didn't want drawers inhibiting the ability to move from side to side on the desk and still be square to it. I don't like knee hole...
  7. Gun cabinet

    I built this Gun Cabinet for myself. It was a good project to get the juices flowing. Now I need more guns.
  8. Assorted Blades

    This is a collection of some of the other knives I have made. Some were good, a couple were not so good. But all were a learning experience. Here are the descriptions: 1. Combat Survivor blade with Cocobolo handles-The board I got the wood from is BEAUTIFUL. 2. Detail of a semi-skinner blade...
  9. Cocobolo and Olivewood Pens

    I purchased these kits from PSI, and the boxes as well. I am happy the way they turned out. Get it, turned out? Sorry it's all I could think of. I put them in my web store. I like these kits because they leave a lot of wood on the tube. This means the wood warms in your hand while you use it.
  10. Vase

    Made a Vase to go with the candlestick. The grain yielded a beautiful heart pattern.
  11. Scroll sawed Vase and Flower

    I haven't posted projects for a while and have just completed this vase and flower scroll sawed project. The vase is based on a pattern by Steve Good ( with celtic overlays, pattern by Sheila Landry ( The...
  12. 30.06 Cartridge Pen

    My first Cartridge Pen. Used a slimline kit and Cocobolo and yes that is the actual bullet for the cartrigde.
  13. Sawdust Art

    Here is some sawdust art. As a kid I remember doing this with sand in jars. Well now I decided to do it with all the different colors of wood I cut. I have a sawdust trap on my scroll saw and just pour the dust into the jars when I'm done with a color of wood. Last picture is of sawdust trap...
  14. 5 recent turnings

    1. Lignum Vitae - 6" bowl 2. Cedar of Lebanon - 6" bowl 3. Cinnamon - 12" bowl 4. Walnut 5. Cocobolo (with embedded ring)
  15. wedged through tenon kitchen table

    A trestle table I just finished thats made of Queda (sp?) A family of cocobolo and Roble which is down here in Panama and is similar to white oak. Its my first wedged mortise and a lot of fun to make… its damn heavy!
  16. Trash Can Hide away Prototype

    My girlfriend wanted a Trash can hide away, so I built this prototype. Rather than using solid wood, I decided to use plywood and build a frame for each side and the top. I used 18" drawer slides, so it would roll out. this was my first attempt at building something of type. It took me probably...
  17. Mortar and Pestle for Lauren

    This mortar and pestle were made as a Christmas present to my step-daughter who is a Dr. of Pharmacy. The mortar stands about 6.5" tall and the base is about 3.5". The rim and base are cocobolo, and the center is slightly spalted birdseye maple. The rim and base are tenoned into the body...
  18. Carved Hummingbird Box

    Over the years I have several times been embroiled in intellectual property disputes. Fortunately, I am lucky to count amongst my friends one of the country's top intellectual property lawyers, and she has represented me-always successfully I hasten to add-in these troubles. She was out in...
481-500 of 500 Results