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  1. Crazy about penz

    If I can turn the material on a Wood lathe, I'll make a pen out of it! I really like making functional Art items. I can make some really interesting pens out of scraps, I do recycle a lot…..js Let me know what you may think…..
  2. Brass knuckles bottle opener

    "Brass knuckles" bottle opener I've been making a bunch of these for family/friends lately. Super simple, low cost, low stress project. Let me know what you think Cocobolo Jatoba (mini opener) Cherry Rosewood, maple, cherry
  3. Table Clock

    I made this table clock a couple of years ago. It's made out of tigar maple and Cocobolo. I think this was the last item I made from Cocobolo, because some people have an alergic reaction to the dust. I broke out with poison ivy type rash all over my neck, arms etc where ever the dust settled...
  4. A sampling of recent pens I've Turned.

    1st picture: Rather than uploading tons of them. Here's a sampler showing some of the recent pens I've made out in the shop. I've made several styles now, including slimline, comfort, polaris, gatsby, olympian, a 30 cal bullet pen, the 50 calibur pen show in the photo and the impressive Nouveau...
  5. Maple Burl inlaid table

    Made from very curly western maple & maple burl. Trimed with cocobolo.
  6. Chess Table

    I am new to posting on LJ, but have lurked for some time checking out other's fantastic projects and helpful tool reviews. So I figured I would share some of my work. I am just a hobbyist and like the focus and relaxation for me that goes with time in the shop and carefully working on finished...
  7. Picture Frames

    The whole reason I started woodworking, about 9 months ago now, was to make frames out of exotic woods for some of my nature pictures. The frames in the first picture are (l-r) walnut, shedua, and cocobolo. The second picture is a close-up of the walnut and cocobolo. The third picture is bocote...
  8. Hope chest

    This is the Hope chest that I made for my daughter this Christmas. I am very please with the results. It is made from wide sapele. The top is only two seperate boards and the glue line all but disappears in the grain. The sides and ends were curved using with the curved planing jig that I...

    More Elk Antler Coyote Calls. I have refined the design a little and tried to make the mouth piece look like it grew right out of the antler. These are Bubinga and Cocobolo. I have burned my brand on to these, it can be seen on the shoulder of the call, it is a Bar Lazy U.
  10. Hurricane Coasters

    The coasters themselves are made from a small tree lost in Hurricane Ike in my neighborhood. I was just able to fit them under the miter saw and chop off about a dozen pieces. I let them dry for a couple of weeks picking out the ones that didn't check for the set. I finished them with about...
  11. OBX Dream's

    This is personal project for me, This was a Aniversary/Mothers day present for my wife this past May. We Vacation in the Outer Banks of NC every year, and thier symbol is the Blue Heron. So I made this so she could be in Outer Banks every day… Yea, Sappy I know. So here go's,, this puppy is a...
  12. Japanese Box - My Take

    This was for wife for our 5-year anniversary. Gotta justify the tool budget occasionally. hehehe This project was an interpretation of an original design posted by Ryan Shervill entitled, The Original Japanese Box. He was kind enough to offer some assembly tips after I emailed him about the...
  13. "Sahara" a sculpted cocobolo box

    This box has the wildest shaping so far, blending the top with the sides and each side with the next. At least to some degree, yet still trying to maintain a free form feel. A set design laid out in exact increments would still be difficult, but easier. My goal was to shape the top into a...
  14. latest from peruturner works

    Well this is what I been up to the past 2 weeks ,turning turnig,some vases and vessels and the all time favorites boxes,in Estoraque and jacaranda wood,vases 6×6-7" boxes 4×4x6" vessel 6×6x5" and some more in the works to come hope you like them you will notice a left over under the pieces those...
  15. Bamboo Trekking Poles

    Trekking poles have become somewhat standard equipment for many hikers, trekkers, backpackers and snowshoers. They are used in pairs,kinda like ski poles. Trekking poles (and staffs) offer a number of practical advantages: They provide better balance and footing. On downhill hikes especially...
  16. Ice cream scoop and pizza cutter wedding gifts

    My fiancées co-worker is getting married (on the same day we are as a matter of fact) and she asked me to make these as wedding gifts. She designed them and I turned them from some cocobolo I had in the shop. They are finished with shine juice (denatured alcohol, BLO, and shellac).
  17. My pen projects

    Here are my "obligatory" pens. The first 3 are bolt action bullet pens that I just got from PSI. I must say they are a great kit! Easy to make, and they come out really nice. From left to right: Chrome with Cocobolo finished with General Woodturner's Finish, Gun Metal with Zebrawood, with...
  18. GaryK's design - My results

    Here is the link to GaryK's original post the same design. While I didn't have any snakewood (or have seen it for that matter), I thought it worked well with some other species. I'll be curious to see which holds an edge the best. These are quite simple to make and only require a bit more...
  19. dart board cabinet

    sycamore sides, bubinga panels, cocobola turned dart handles and splines
  20. Marine box

    Chose walnut bordered with Cocobola. Made for a co-worker.
21-40 of 500 Results