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  1. Projects Central American Cocobolo ” Honey Pot.”

    This is one of my wife’s favorite bowls. It’s a 6”x4.5” Cocobolo ” Honey Pot.” Wood come from Central America and the pictures are not as good as seeing this one in person. Bowl is gorgeous!
  2. Mahogany Carved Twin Bed

    Ladies and gentlemen, This project was born somewhere at the local IKEA. I realized there that I wanted a simple and practical bed with the feel of beautiful real wood, chopped, carved, and finished myself. Here it is: Honduras mahogany - I didn't want to spend time working on a cheap...
  3. Underwater World

    Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted a project because of my broken hand and then playing catch up to get some projects done. This one took AWHILE to finish because it was 341 pieces and a lot of them where very small. I spent a lot of time down on my hands and knees looking for a piece...
  4. More pens (and a little story)

    Fortunately for me, a lot of the work I do really helps people who need it. In this case, it was my grandson. He had a little (?) problem with school and authority and was rapidly going down hill. For those of you who know kids in that situation I highly recommend the National Guard Youth...
  5. Square bowl

    This was a fun project, but kind of nerve racking to turn. Made out of cocobolo wood, with a wax/shellac friction finish. About 8 inches square and 2 inches high.
  6. Wine Stoppers

    Variety of Wine Stoppers. From left to right (Kingwood, Padauk, Cocobolo, Tulip wood, Purple Heart, Birdseye Maple and Purple heart.
  7. Cocobolo jar with suction fit lid

    This is a Cocobolo jar with suction fit lid that I turned the other day. The grain match came out perfect on one side, but just missed the mark on the other side. The lid fit is the best I have been able to produce so far for a suction style, doesn't fall off but not so tight you have to fight...
  8. Wine tasting, hors d'oeuvre tray

    These are also Christmas presents i have made this year for friends and family. Have you ever been at a tasting and glass in one hand and tray of goodies in the other and no place to put either down to enjoy one or the other. Saw some of these made of plastic and stole the idea. Woods are...
  9. Curly cherry TV cabinet

    This cabinet is made from cherry and cherry veneer, with cocobolo dutchman and handles.
  10. Find a Home for an Intarsia Carousel Horse Wall Hanging

    I really had some fun making this piece and it was a real challenge. I saw a picture on the internet and made a pattern based on that with Inkskape. It ended up having 190 different pieces with 13 different kinds of woods. The pole was a real challenge to make out of a block of yellow heart...
  11. Wind Walkers

    This is a solid blackwalnut slab coffee table, 72" X 20" X 18", with 2 large horse head solid wood inlays made from White Ash, Honduran Mahogany, Cocobolo, Western Red Cedar, and Ebony.
  12. Snakewood Chess Board

    Snakewood and curly maple squares with a cocobolo frame. Finished with Pour-on high gloss bar finish by EnviroTex
  13. Trivet

    Some trivets. The woods are marblewood, purpleheart, cocobolo, and pine. For the hardwood trivets, I used some different slate tiles that I picked up from Lowes.
  14. Bench top down draft table

    I built this bench top down draft table for sanding finish work it has a port for my shop vac hose and a waste gate to hook up the palm sander on a small hose ,the peg board works real good to suck all the fine dust into my dust cyclone that I built from a street cone. I can sand with or...
  15. For My Girlfriend

    My girlfriend and I went to Orlando and stopped to look at some wood for the cutting board and wine butler I made for a wedding gift. She really liked this piece of cocobolo so we picked it up so I could make some out of it. I had a piece of bubinga and some curly maple so I decided as the...
  16. Large Chess Board 2.25"+ Squares Cocobolo/Birdseye Maple

    Large squares for 4" King and taller chess sets. Frame is curly maple, the squares are set proud 3/16" and trimmed with a narrow band of Honduran mahogany. Glued in strips then cut and flipped every other. Squares are actually 3/4" thick. Board surrounded by frame then, both were glued to...
  17. Jewelry box for my little girl

    I wanted to try some small cabriole legs and play around with the golden mean. This is what I came up with. I originally wanted something more complicated but I only had so much padauk. I used padauk, maple, and cocobolo. I learned half blinds in thin stock isn't that easy, hide glue is...
  18. Sign-In Board

    This is a sign-in board that I did for a Bar Mitzvah for my son who is a skater boy. The body is made of cherry, maple scroll/Torah with cocobolo spindle accents. 5 skateboard blanks with brass screws and finishing washers were used to be the white space to sign-in on. The whole piece was...
  19. Japanese Sawhorses Wedged

    This is all about joinery. Found the plans online and had some real fun with this project. I use these horses every single day. White ash beam from my yard tree, cherry legs, hickory stretcher, cocobolo wedges, Douglas fir feet. Wedged mortise is way tighter than I thought it would be. One...
1-20 of 500 Results