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  1. Journal Celtic Style Mandolin-Cover Page

    Celtic Mandolin cover page Celtic Style Mandolin: 1-Layouts & Mockups Celtic Style Mandolin: 2-Layouts & Mockups Celtic Style Mandolin: 3-Layouts & Mockups Not really liking the format for journal entries. Not real user friendly. If you would like to follow this project I'll continue on a...
  2. Journal Celtic Style Mandolin: 2-Layouts & Mockups

    For the prototype soundboard; jointed and glued together some junk wood (I think it's cedar) in the glue jig.
  3. Journal Celtic Style Mandolin: 1-Layouts & Mockups

    This will be my first attempt at a carved mandolin soundboard. The Celtic style has a carved top with a "flat" back. This instrument will have "f" holes instead of the oval sound hole. First exercise is to map out the surface contours and profiles. I'll cut the profiles out with a laser cutter...
1-3 of 3 Results