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  1. Drinking Coaster Sets Made With Bandsaw, Live Oak and Chinaberry.

    Pictured: Here are two sets of coasters made from the limbs of Live Oak and Chinaberry trees, both I cut with my chain saw from local land, the chinaberry was blown down by high winds, the live oak was from a clearing of land, they are both finished with a single coat of tung oil, 3 coats of...
  2. Coasters quick and easy

    Needed quick and easy coasters for gifts. Walnut, maple, and poduc.
  3. Christmas Coasters

    My wife asked for some coasters gift sets for friends and family. I used purple heart, walnut, cherry & curly maple in the coasters. The holders are curly maple, some dyed, everything finished with lacquer.
  4. Projects from rosewood floor blocks

    Many years ago a friend of mine gave me a whole lot of rosewood floor blocks from a house renovation project. Through the years these blocks moved with me to the frustration of my wife. Eventually I decided to do something with them about 4 years ago. The photos show various items I made. 1 & 2...
  5. MY BEST and 7 more pieces

    Thanks for all the comments on the bowl on my last post, You did get my blood flowing, and it is warming up here. Last summer I visited RALBUCK (Ralph Roggenbuck) gave me a piece of black walnut limb, we took the bark off so I could get it into Canada without trouble. Bugs could be hiding in...
  6. Coasters

    A set of 4 coasters for a wedding gift…and a few spares for my living room! (The 2 on the right) Cherry with inlaid Walnut, Purpleheart, Goncalo Alves and Leopardwood. 3 coats wipe on poly Have a great weekend! Greg
  7. ''One piece of log/trunk'' challenge

    These projects were made of one piece of olive wood log, some 2m long, 12-14cm in diameter. I cut it in three parts and cliced them into 16-18mm boards. I removed bark and squared rest of boards available. Finaly I glued them to usable sizes for each various project. Since it is olive wood, I...
  8. Black Walnut Coasters

    My father had some black walnut from a tree he cut down years ago and has been sitting in barn for quite some time. wasn't going to use it so gave to me. after a trip through the planer the wood was beautiful. first project was these coasters, however i need some suggestions from my fellow...
  9. First coasters

    I started taking pallet wood and re-purposing it….made these coasters last year…
  10. mrytlewood coasters

    got some cheap cork coasters from one of the wine clubs i belong to so i thought why not kick em up a little.turned on the lathe from oregon mrytlewood.rubber feet and finished with 1 coat of gf bowl finish and 3 coats rattle can poly.cork was just hot melt glued on so i can replace when needed.
  11. coasters from spalted poplar

    While helping a friend to cut his firewood, i found a branch of poplar that was heavily spalted. I took a piece home, sliced it on the BS, stabilized it by immersing few times in poly/turps 1:1 until it stopped drinking it, let it dry, sanded a bit, put a layer of poly X 10 and here is the...
  12. Protecting your fanhood & Tabletops

    Just a quick little project from that same branch I made the iPhone dock out of. I'm really liking the easiness of the photo transfer through laserjet printer and lacquer thinner. For those who have done this method, what seems to work best for you?! Sometimes I get a flawless transfer the...
  13. Christmas Gifts 2013

    I thought it would be fun to post photos of the gifts I gave away for Christmas this past year. I made two sets of 8 coasters using various scraps I have laying around. Mostly walnut, cherry and maple and a bit of ash. The design is not my own. My wife and I purchased a smaller set like these...
  14. Personalized Coaster

    Segmented personalized coasters 100 mm in diameter with photos of the grand kids resined in turned from Fijian Kauri and Rimu. Comments welcome
  15. Coasters

    Here's a little project I popped out over the past couple days. Walnut & Maple coasters. 4×4x3/4 in size. Tung oiled and poly'd! Quick, easy and fun!
  16. Mixed Media Coaster 3 Ways - Resin, Metal, Cement

    Here are 3 different coasters that I made. Each one was made using scrap wood and a different medium. The River coaster was a way to deep my feet into the epoxy river crazy everyone is doing without breaking the bank. The Metal coasters were inspired by a table build by Marc Spagnuolo. I used...
  17. MechaniCoasters - tabletop kinetic sculptures

    These are mini tabletop kinetic sculptures that I call "MechaniCoasters". There are several different designs: gears, planetary gears, a spiral spring ratchet, and a swirl pattern. These coasters are stackable and add some fun to putting down a drink. A video of them in action as well as...
  18. Maple and Walnut jewelry chest for a wedding gift

    I just finished making this walnut and maple jewelry chest as a gift for a friend's wedding. Also made some tigerwood+maple coasters as a stocking stuffer. All wood construction (Except drawer bottoms which are 1/8" plywood). Interior drawer boxes are solid mahogany joined with rabbet joints...
  19. Wedding Favor Coasters

    I'm getting married in September 2014 and we thought it would be cool to do something a little more personal for wedding favors. I milled and cut these coasters out of 8/4 Ambrosia Maple, routed the sides, and then finished with clear Shellac. Before finishing I branded the tops with our names...
  20. Custom coaster set with case

    I added a case for the coaster set. These were made for my friend's business. The coasters are 1/4 inch cherry and the case is 3/8 cherry. Thanks for visiting French Goat Toys
21-40 of 141 Results