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  1. Epoxy and Wood Coaster sets

    Epoxy and wood coaster sets. One is purpleheart and a mix of silver and copper mica powders mixed into the epoxy. The other set is using two pieces of scrap cast in the same mold.
  2. Inlay puzzle coasters

    This project has been sitting on a shelf, half finished, for some time. I finally got a breather from projects I had to do and decided to finish these up since during the last year I've been asked if we have any more coasters. These were actually made as an experiment in inlaying splines in wood...
  3. Cutting board and coasters

    Walnut, cherry, maple, and padauk. Same orientation on the coasters
  4. Coaster sets..

    Commissioned to laser engrave sets of coasters with corporate logos… These coasters are for Australian Forrest Growers…. order is for 90 sets of 4… Set up a jig to engrave 3 sets at a time…[pic 3] Finished 80 coasters yesterday with another 280 to go… Timber used is Silver Quandong. 4th pic is...
  5. Drinking Coasters Cut with Bandsaw Spalted Hackberry

    I made these from spalted hackberry, the limbs were about 4 1/2" in diameter cut with bandsaw. Thanks for viewing and comments :)
  6. Set of 4 Custom Coasters

    This is a set of handmade coasters I produced for a friend. She lives in and grew up around Rochester, NY, also known as "The Flower City" for their annual Lilac Festival. The woodburned design on the coaster holder is directly from the flag of the City of Rochester. The coasters are made from...
  7. Walnut Bowtie Coasters

    I recently built a set of cup coasters with inlaid bowties from a unique shaped block of black walnut wood. Perhaps the trickiest part of building the set was getting the multiple sides on the box to fit together. But, after many hours and 15+ bowties, I had a cool finished project!
  8. Live Edge Coasters

    Set of four live-edge coasters, about 4" in diameter each. Woodburned "Eurypertus remipes," the state fossil of NY. Voids between the outer bark and inner tree rings filled with two-part epoxy. Coated in 6 spray-on layers of spar urethane. Rubbed out with 0000 steel wool.
  9. Hurricane Coasters

    The coasters themselves are made from a small tree lost in Hurricane Ike in my neighborhood. I was just able to fit them under the miter saw and chop off about a dozen pieces. I let them dry for a couple of weeks picking out the ones that didn't check for the set. I finished them with about...
  10. Tumbling block coasters

    These were made from extra pucks from my wife's cutting board ( where I was having trouble with gaps at glue up. So these extra pucks became coasters with curly Maple borders. The beauty of woodworking, what doesn't work out for one project works out for...
  11. Christmas Coasters

    More coasters. They are just too quick and easy to make…and everyone loves them…who can't use a coaster! One set of curly maple and one set of cherry with some inlay. (I posted the cherry set here.) Packaged for stocking stuffers. I am always intrigued by what the trees look like that domestic...
  12. tumbling blocks coasters

    these started as a test to see if my saw can cut good 60 degrees. thats why they are made of scraps (the wood is black walnut, featureless Rimu and DF). they turned out nice so I finished them. I made one mistake with the two coasters on the right - I made the routing on the wrong side, so I...
  13. Scrap End Grain Coasters

    I sliced these coasters off of scraps from the legs I made for my future tv stand shown in pic 2. They are made of 3 red oak boards laminated together. I stained them and finished with Deft spray. Also added some felt to the bottom. After friends and family saw these they all want some so a...
  14. Pine Log Coasters

    A Bunch of coasters I cut out of a pine log. coated with marine varnish. pretty cool idea I barrowed from blackie on this website.
  15. Coaster set inspired by Doug

    I took my inspiration from Doug for this coaster set. What I did differently was chuck my ~5×5x16 "blank" on the lathe and turned it round before slicing into 5/16" thick costers. I was going for a modern look with the holder. It's tapered so the costers "slide" in, are held securely but still...
  16. Making a Simple Set of Coasters

    Hello friends, for some time now I have been working on my first beginning-to-end video series. As you guessed from the title it's about making a set of coasters. Some of you may have seen these coasters in previous posts. In the video(s) I walk you through the entire process of making this set...
  17. More Better End Grain Coasters

    Well, as promised to friends, I have made more coasters. These new ones are made up of 13 different scrap boards I dug out of my burn bin. I got a lot of practice at squaring them up and making good glue joints. Also spent a lot of quality time with the planer. Now it has been suggested that...
  18. Bandsaw Drinking Coasters Different Design From The Limb of Spalted Hackberry

    Close to my previous Coasters only I stayed contour to the limb and added a ridge around the coaster to hold in any seepage. Thanks for looking :)
  19. Tumbling block coasters

    Had some left over tumbling blocks from a cutting board. Just enough for a set of coasters. Maple, walnut, and cherry.
  20. Coasters

    There are four of these coasters, but these two turned out the best. I never knew there was a green colored wood out there, and I especially didn't know that that green wood is willow. These were a breeze to make, and they turned out pretty well. I think I finished them with mineral oil, but I'm...
1-20 of 141 Results