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  1. Compass Rose Coasters

    I made these coasters as a donation to a bingo night. They are made from 4 inch oak squares and finished with a few coats of spray on polyurethane. The actual image is done with a laser engraver. The woman who won them was very happy with them, and it worked out for me because someone else...
  2. Kumiko Coaster Set With Stand

    This was inspired by a post on Desmond King's Instagram. I decided to make this set for my in-laws for Christmas. It's my first actually completed woodworking project. As such there are certainly areas that could be improved so don't look too close :)
  3. My Beer Swap Offering

    Our 3rd annual Beer Swap is winding down. If you want to see some awesome stuff, hop over there and check it out. Reveal pictures start at post #1597 if you don't want to read through all the posts. And trust me, you don't… My recipient this year was Nathan (LJ Lazyman). I was glad I got...
  4. Prefab Prairie Coasters

    I really wanted to participate in this year's Beer Swap since I sat out last year. Unfortunately, I've been without a shop for 6 months while we are in an apartment waiting for a new house to be built. That meant I needed to finish my swap project in February, before I packed up the shop. I...
  5. "A Moment Before Sunset" carved wooden stand (2018)

    "A Moment Before Sunset" hand carved wooden stand. Dimensions: Diameter: 12 cm (4,72"), thickness: 1,5 cm (0,59"). This natural basswood stand is carefully hand-carved by me. To protect the wood and increase its longevity, I apply Danish oil - a naturally derived finishing oil - to the...
  6. Pallet coaster

    I made a simple coaster as a pallet. Root parts from 10×10mm pine. All length is 90mm. Glued with d3 white glue. Just sanded with 60 grid abbresive. Cut with scrollsaw.
  7. Daisy Coasters

    I used maple to cut these coasters and Sheila Landry's "Packet Full of Posies Candle Tray" pattern. I resized the pattern added one of my own photographs and inserted a clear acrylic cover to protect the photograph. Thank you for looking
  8. Protecting your fanhood & Tabletops

    Just a quick little project from that same branch I made the iPhone dock out of. I'm really liking the easiness of the photo transfer through laserjet printer and lacquer thinner. For those who have done this method, what seems to work best for you?! Sometimes I get a flawless transfer the...
  9. Yes, More Coasters (yeah!)

    Doing some cleaning I came across a cutting board glue-up I did a few years back but never finished. Well, the bandsaw was tensioned so I decided to chop it up and had enough pieces to make four of these sets. 3-1/2" square, 7/16" thick, clipped corners, cork bases. Walnut and cherry. Finish...
  10. Christmas Coasters - 2008

    These are some drink coasters that I made for my sister and her fiance for Christmas 2008. We guestimated the size of a beer bottle holder, and decided 8 would be enough to tame most of the drinking duties. They loved the gift, and were just thinking about getting some, but lamented the number...
  11. Brass Inlay Ducks on Walnut Service

    This was a project that a friend of mine gave away as a present. Simple walnut serving tray and coasters with brass duck designs inlaid with brass ribbon. I locked the ribbon in place by wetting the wood with the steel wool disolved in vinegar solution that I was using to give the walnut an...
  12. Wood Coasters

    "Use a Coaster!" is a trigger memory from my misspent youth as I set a wet glass on some random "new" or "family heirloom" piece of furniture. More so after seeing some of these every day objects recreated here on LJs, I decided to make a few just because. Not quite to the standard of " the...
  13. Just some coasters

    I made 4 sets of these out of walnut and popular. 2 sets have the holders and 2 are just loose.
  14. Custom coaster set with case

    I added a case for the coaster set. These were made for my friend's business. The coasters are 1/4 inch cherry and the case is 3/8 cherry. Thanks for visiting French Goat Toys
  15. martini drink coasters

    Here is a set of drink coasters I made. 4" square. Marquetry was done by 'Pad' method, cutting all four coasters simultaneously on scroll saw with 3/0 blade. Glued to a base of eastern juniper, which was routed after glue-up to expose the juniper along each edge.
  16. Wood and Resin coasters

    Experimenting with wood and resin for fun and to see what projects I could easily crank out for craft fairs. These are made from wood I got from Woodcraft as part of their exotic hardwood project packs which were in the clearance section for half off. I ripped them to about 2 inches wide and so...
  17. Desk Cup Holders - Mesquite

    I've used raw wood coasters for years - they work better than anything else I've tried because the raw wood absorbs the condensation off the drink, and your drink never drips (or sticks to the coaster) when you lift it. Then the absorbed moisture evaporates out of the coaster between drinks...
  18. Hexagon Coasters

    I've been wanting to incorporate epoxy resin to a project, so I figured epoxy coasters would be a good place to start. Wanting to add a little flare, I decided to make hexagon coasters, using a hexagon cutting jig I made a while back (you can see the hexagon jig video here). To make the...
  19. Christmas coasters

    Decided to batch out some coaster sets for Christmas presents - out of some scrap off cuts I had laying around. They're walnut and maple, finished with 3 coats of Watco tung oil.
21-40 of 104 Results