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  1. Projects a set of marquetry coasters any one can make

    Here is a set of coasters I made as a Christmas present for my daughter. The marquetry was done with commercial 1/40" veneer and was all cut simultaneously on a scroll saw using the "PAD" method. Marquetry is glued to a base of Jatoba, with the edges routed with 1/4" roundover to expose the...
  2. Handcrafted Maple Dowel and Coaster Set

    I wanted to try my hand at making maple dowels and needed a project to use them on, so I recycled some Cherry from a set of old cabinets and Maple from an old handrail to make the set. Finished with spray on poly 5 light coats gloss and final coat satin.
  3. Monogrammed coasters

    Just some simple coasters, actually my first "paid for" piece, and a great learning experience for me in trying to figure out how to hollow it out at different depths at various radiuses. As I had very limited tools I had to jury rig the set up to get it to work. Mounted my first ever router...
  4. Wood coasters, bookmatched curlie walnut

    Had some walnut that was pretty warped and twisted in spots, so I made some thin coasters out of it. The curlies in this walnut are pretty nice! Poly finish. Wont absorb a whole lot of water, but should protect what its sitting on.
  5. Hot tea anyone?

    Custom coaster to fit custom cup… nothing special…. It turned out a little bit childish… :). The colours that you see is glass. That was my first attempt to combine wood and glass.
  6. Coasters

    A set of coasters that I turned out after a frustrating mistake on the chess board. I needed a different router bit to fix a giant mis-cut on my chess board and I didn't really feel like going out in the cold rain that night to buy a new bit. I had some 1/2" thick stock of the curly maple I...
  7. Simple Coasters

    Simple coasters made from "scrap" cuts in the shop. Trivet-style main blocks with wood trim and 1/4" reveal/railing. Copper nail accents and spray shellac finish. Total time: 1 hour
  8. Oak Pallet Scrap Coasters

    I had some leftover scraps of pallet wood I had used for another project. A little glue up, size them on the table saw, then round over the edges on the router table. They will eventually just have a clear finish on them once it gets warm enough to start spraying again lol.
  9. Pine Log Coasters

    A Bunch of coasters I cut out of a pine log. coated with marine varnish. pretty cool idea I barrowed from blackie on this website.
  10. End Grain Coaster Experiment

    I've been wanting to try my hand at one of those cool end grain cutting boards I've been seeing here on LJ. I also needed some coasters for the coffee table I just finished (also pictured). So I figured I would kill two birds with one stone, and make some end grain coasters. This was more of...
  11. Coaster Set

    This was my first router project. My wife and I actually did this one together. We bought this table set brand new and we wanted to keep it that way, so we made these coasters. Since then the kids have destroyed the tables…lol. Still, it was fun doing a project with my wife. I used Red Oak...
  12. Blackhawks inlay coaster

    CnC. Inlay, Blackhawks head. Maple and walnut. Very tight fit. Danish oil finish.
  13. Constellation Coasters

    This is a set of walnut coasters with brass pieces inlaid to show constellations, made for a wedding present. Can you name them all? :) This took me some trial and error to get the inlays flush without ruining the walnut. In the end, I glued small sections of brass into place, then brought...
  14. Set of Coasters

    This is a set of 6 coasters made of Oak and Cherry finished with a few coats of semi-gloss lacquer.
  15. Coaster set

    Here is a set of six coasters. Made from hard maple with Purple Heart center strip. The coasters measure 4×4 inches with the holder measuring 5 1/4×5 and about 3 1/8 inches in height
  16. Skyrim Dragon Coaster

    Cut on a scroll saw Made from Okume Plywood 15 cm diameter
  17. Coaster Set

    Another set of coasters…this time with a matching "coaster" for a pitcher. Goncalo Alves with Bloodwood and Yellowheart. 4" x 4" and 7" x 7" for the large one. These are a wedding gift to match a glass pitcher and drinking glass set that my mother-in-law got for a family friend. The pitcher...
  18. Quilt Block Coaster

    I have finally been able to get the setup correct to make a quilt block coaster. Maple and Walnut, 33 pieces in total. This was a fun project and functional too.
  19. Drink Coasters

    Coasters are made from Japanese Elm, I think. A quick bandsaw project. Not much more to say.
  20. Hilbert Curve Drink Coaster

    The Hilbert "Space-Filling" Curve is a very cool mathematical construct that deals with repetition as well as mapping algorithms. Any of you that might be interested in mathematics as well as mapping repetitive constants should look this up in Wikipedia. Here's the Link. And yes, it's one...
1-20 of 104 Results