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  1. Patriotic Drop Box

    This drop box was my 4th of July weekend project. I have been in need of a safe place for my customers to drop off items (Medals, Ribbons, Rank Devices, Warfare Pins, Flags, Coins etc.) at my shop when I am not there. Rather than have them just leave everything by my door I decided to build a...
  2. Zodiac Table

    Hello All, This is my first posting. And this is the first table I've ever made. I used maple plywood to make the legs and the border, I CNC machined the Zodiac carving into the 1" thick Plexiglass. Then I installed the red LED lights with a 9V battery and a switch to turn it on and off.
  3. Lion`s head with CNC

    One small job in my workshop. Wooden overlay on the door. Video about the production can be viewed here:
  4. Drama Award Progressive Plaques

    I volunteer at a local high school and help the Tech Theater Dept. build sets for their plays. This year the Drama Teacher asked me if I would make some progressive award plaques to hang in the classroom. Each year the award winner will get their name engraved on a brass plate and added to the...
  5. USMC Firefighter Plaque

    It is tradition that when a fellow Sailor or Marine transfers to a new command or back to civilian life that his/her shipmates present a plaque or gift to commemorate their time at that command. I was recently asked to design and make a plaque for a Marine who is a firefighter. This is what I...
  6. Friends!

    Here is a reverse sequence of the carving from CNC to finished product. I have both embossed and debossed the text to get as much depth out of the Oak wood as possible. Also burnt the text and filligree border instead of staining. As with most of my work, finished with Renaissance...
  7. 3D Carved Walnut Heirloom Box

    This was one fun project to do. I don't make may boxes and I like getting to combine techniques and processes to make something really unique. This is one of those projects that can be passed down from one family member to the other. I love making things that have some meaning. Let me know what...
  8. Eye of the Tiger

    Genuine Mahogany plaque measuring 18"w x 10 inches high (approx) Using my CNC machine I carved the inlay pockets onto the plaque, then reversed carved the inlays on some purple heart and yellow heart. The reverse carvings were glued into the pockets and the excess was machined away. The...
  9. Custom Engraved and Epoxy Coated Cornhole Boards

    Made some custom cornhole boards for my mom and they turned out good i think? What do you guys think? I used some left over Thermory wall cladding from the inside of my shop build and then engraved the panel with the cnc and did an epoxy top coat. The full video and article are up and ill leave...
  10. Belmar Acres Sign

    So the friend who helped me scavenge this wormy chestnut asked me to make a new sign for his cottage's campground. He has a little place on the Allegheny River about an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh, and there are about 12-16 other cottages in the plan that is known as Belmar Acres...
  11. Welcome Bear Sign

    I have made several of these signs in different sizes. They make great gifts. I used 6/4 oak, stained it with Minwax Early American stain and finished it with lacquer. I think this is a very welcoming Welcome sign.
  12. Wood Gift Card Holders

    As the kids get older gift cards seem to be a better and better idea. However it is a challenge to wrap them in a manner that maintains the surprise of the actual contents. So this year I decided to try something different. I made these gift card plaques with their names on them. I cut a slot...
  13. God Bless America Plaque

    This was a Christmas present for a good friend. I made it from 6/4 Oak, stained early American and finished with clear lacquer.
  14. USCG CPO/Gunnersmate Hat Box

    The military is built on tradition. Making Chief Petty Officer is a major milestone in any sailor's career. I was recently commissioned to make several CPO hat boxes for some newly selected Coast Guard Chiefs. This is one I did for a female Gunners mate. She wanted it to resemble an ammo...
  15. Poker Case

    I have been a wood worker for 18 years but I am brand new to this site. This is my first post. I look forward to meeting new woodworking enthusiasts and learning from their experiences. I welcome comments and questions. I wanted to build something special for a good friend of mine for...
  16. Gymnstics Award Plaques

    My youngest daughter loves gymnastics and is on a team at a local YMCA. Her team hosted a competition and I offered to donate the award plaques for the event.
  17. Coast Guard Captains Sea Chest

    I was recently commissioned to build this Sea Chest for a Coast Guard Captain who was retiring after 30 years of service. It was a gift from all the officers onboard the ship. This is made from California Red Oak and stained Early American with a lacquer finish.

    project removed
  19. Jatoba "Aka Brazilian Cherry Wood "Cross

    I made this last weekend. I am giving it to one of our friends, It is made from Brazilian Cherry Wood. I went by our local hardwood shop. Checked out their leftovers and found a nice 30" long board. Already milled down to 3/4". For a cheap price and great ready to use condition. Once I had it...
  20. SOCS Shadowbox

    I was recently commissioned to build this shadowbox for a retiring Senior Chief Navy Seal. This customer had a very impressive career as shown by the medals on the left side of the display. The patches on the right show the progression of the Seal Trident on the different uniforms he wore as...
1-20 of 25 Results