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  1. Closet Organizer

    I made this closet organizer thingy out of birch ply and pine, birch ply drawer boxes and shelves, added some flutes on the uprights of the upper shelves, finished wit of with some MDF mouldings, theres 4 hanger rods installed now as well, just need to add some bi-folds

    Hi all ,This is my 2nd project .This one is for my wife.The main box is maple with lacewood dovetailed on the sides ,my 2nd attempt. I put the tails in the front so the contrast would show better .The top is lacewood with 3 spalted maple hearts inlaid and maple strips above and below.I also...
  3. Wood/Leather Tie Clips

    Hey Guys! Long time/first time. I saw these wooden tie clips for sale ( and figured I could make a bunch for Christmas gifts for friends and family. Ended up making 13 of them while I was home on Christmas break (I'm a student at the moment, so have to use my dad's...
  4. Cedar Tie Rack

    Pair of matching aromatic cedar tie rack / holder to replace a store-bought one that broke. I cut them out with a shaper origin router. Super easy to use. The tape in the last picture is what the router camera uses to orient itself.
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Ever heard of a Utilikilt? They are manufactured in Seattle. I wonder if Todd made it by to get his during his latest visit. I think I would actually wear one. How about you?
  6. Blogs
    Economical Alternative for a... ... woodturning smock/jacket. This was not my idea but I thought that I would send the tip along to others. Not everybody has extra cash for such luxuries. Thanks, Brett
  7. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I hope this does not start a big argument but knowing this group, it probably will. There is a video on Youtube entitled Table Saw Safety. As you can see, it shows long sleeve clothing and gloves getting caught in a table saw. These are set up videos. Are they realistic? I'm not sure...
  8. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    OK, I wasn't going to post this, but rethought this and feel I should share this safety concern. Yesterday, I was resawing a 9in wide 8/4 piece of pine into 3/8in shelving. FWIW, it is typically 95-105F in the shop this time of year (South Texas) so I was wearing a pair of carpenter's shorts...
1-8 of 8 Results