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  1. Whats behind the door? Closet restoration

    This closet has been on my to-do-list for awhile. Our house being build 80 years ago needed some updated plumbing a while ago. The closet has been stud walls since. Today was the day to make it useable again. I began by removing all the old nails that would be in my way. I then placed some...
  2. kitchen closet into a storage unit.

    this was a regular bi-fold door closet for jackets and stuff. When an addition was added the closet rendered itself useless. They came to the shop to see their options. This is the finished peice. No big deal, made from oak, stained, and installed 4 days total. the dates are always wrong on...
  3. Cedar Built In Closet

    Hello, Here is a closet I made last year. The "decorative" wood was all spanish cedar and the secondary wood was plywood. It was my first attempt at built-ins and I would probably change a lot of things but it turned out pretty nice. This was one of my first projects that I finished with a...
  4. Master Closet

    This is our Master closet, made the wife VERY happy. So much more/better storage. It came out great.
  5. Closet Renovation

    Redid my wife's closet (at her request). The closet was mine, but I never did like the wire racks that were there when we ought the house. Just some simple shelves of melamine. And Mother's Day gift is done.
  6. Valet/Shoe Rack- Black Oak with Cedar Drawer

    A couple years back, I was in need of a valet as well as a shoe rack for my dress shoes. I was working on plans for both, then decided to combine them. This shoe rack/valet combo is made from solid 1/2 to 3/4" red oak, finished in India ink and lacquer. I didn't do much with dividers up top...
  7. Exterior Closet

    Hi people. My name is David I live in Puerto Rico and this is my first project. I'm a wood working hobbyist with not much skills or tools. I've done quite some woodworking around for myself and some friends, but this is my first decent, post-able and finished project Ive done so far (to my...
  8. Shoe rack

    Thanks to LJ TopamaxSurvivor, whose project I used as a plan to make a Shoerack for the other halfs walk in closet. I used Poplar and hardwood dowels, not Oak. Used the dimensions that TopamaxSurvivor posted, and also the rise from front dowel to back, is 2" which works well.
  9. Hidden Door

    This was a fun project. I've designed a similar one for a friend, but he did the build/install with a little help from me. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would considering he's not a carpenter in the slightest. Surgeon with a gun though! This one was also done for a friend and...
  10. wifes dream closet

    well my wife has been begging me to hang just one simple rod to hang shoes from. she was gone all weekend shopping so I decided to go buy her a rod. And as most of you know simple easy projects spiral out of control as soon as you walk into the hardware store. So about two carts later this is...
  11. Closet Storage Unit

    I created this out of necessity because the old brownstone we live in is lacking sufficient closets. KT and I have a good deal of open-air space and high ceilings but we sacrifice storage space. The loft has a small 5 foot wide (only 22" deep) closet augmented by an unfortunate particle board...
  12. Burl Break Closet

    Was an eventful weekend for me… of the not-fun variety. We had a back-up in our sewer system in the basement, where my daughter has her room. The back-up wasn't horrible, but enough that we had to throw away some rugs and clothes that had been on the floor. When I say "we" I mean me. I believe...
  13. Cedar Tie Rack

    Pair of matching aromatic cedar tie rack / holder to replace a store-bought one that broke. I cut them out with a shaper origin router. Super easy to use. The tape in the last picture is what the router camera uses to orient itself.
  14. Baby Closet Makeover

    The new baby's closet began to overflow with all of the things he quickly amassed. It drove me nuts so…perfect time for a quick project. Very simple but satisfying. 1/2 inch MDF, a little bit of base moulding I had lying around, and a couple of spray on coats of white gloss paint from the...
  15. 2 Closet buildouts (Flannigans and Kinstler)

    These are 2 different customer closet built outs. One in all pre-finished maple ply, edge banned and the other is white laminate on cabinet grade ply wood (not melamine….I hate that stuff and refuse to use it)
  16. Closet storage

    Just finished the storage for my son's bedroom.
  17. Bedroom Cabinet

    Houses often have wasted space under the eaves. Here is one way you can utilize that space. This cabinet is built from solid birch which was cut from my property when clearing the land for the build of our home. The wood was rough-planed after one year of drying. The following year I built the...
  18. Daughter's Closet Shelves

    These shelves were added at the request of my wife while she was planning our new (soon to be) daughter's room. I had a different view on what should be there, but my wife tends to be a little more simplistic in her design. The only special item of note in the entire design is shown in the third...
  19. Closet

    Hated my old closet. Double sliding doors are the worst. Bit of organization. Last picture is what it looked like before. Made of oak plywood. No finish. Blum drawer slides
  20. Closet Organizer

    Still getting caught up on older projects… Here is a closet organizer I built several months ago for our master bedroom closet. The organizer was based on an article from "Best Weekend Projects" a magazine from The Family Handyman. That article had one organizer for a standard closet. Since...
21-40 of 124 Results