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  1. CNC Woodworking
    My latest invention, comments invited! Evolution of unit 5 a story in pictures
  2. Journal Cindy's Alarm Clock/Weather Station -- Unit #5 -- a picture story

    Over the past couple of years I've been making clocks. From your basic and faceplate in a box: Next was a laser cut LP with Rick & Morty and a 3D printed portal, and on to ever more complex electronic clocks, with weather station readouts. My first was: That thing sticking up on...
  3. Wag on the wall clock

    One little project I always wanted to tackle, made entirely from scrap pieces of Cherry and Maple.
  4. Walnut Shelf Clock

    My 34" Shelf clock in Walnut. Dial painted in a Black Forest theme. Beharrlich is German loosely translated to "persistence".
  5. Retirement Clock for my Dad

    Hello, this is my first woodworking project on this site, and one of my first successful projects in general. (I am just going to not make any posts on the failed predecessors). I wanted to make my dad something something special to commemorate his retirement, and this was the result. He is a...
  6. Signature shop clock with big numbers

    I have a small shop clock, but the numbers are too small to make it easy to read the time. I came across this plan for a Signature Shop Clock, and it looked neat… I built one. The main background plate is walnut. The plans call for an ash mallet, but I switched to a maple mallet...
  7. Modern Clock - Sea Theme

    A friend asked for a clock to sit in her seaside home. Her style preferences were are modern minimalist so this is what came from all the sawdust. Bird's eye maple and walnut with rolling waves influence. Simple urethane finish with no stains or dye.
  8. USMC wooden gear clock.

    This is another simplicity clock designed by Clayton Boyer and built by me !!! : ) I went with the USMC thime on this one and it turned out better than I had expected. All the black is oak with 2 coats of ebony stain. The red is bloodwood with a polyurathine spray . The gold is birtch ply hand...
  9. Clock curly maple and mahogany

    This is a clock I made some time ago it made out of curly maple and mahogany with a pendulum clock mach.
  10. Previuos Christmas projects

    In response to my last posting of other wood projects suitable for Christmas presents here is what I have made and given from the last 5 years as the major family projects. It takes around 30 of each to cover the extended family groups, and I start planning in July or August. Usually around...
  11. Mantel clock with hidden compartment

    My wife has always said that she wanted to learn more about making things out of wood. In 2005 we set out with a set of plans that I got from a Woodsmith magazine on a cute mantel clock. With combined families there are many and for a Christmas gift for everyone we needed to make 20 of these...
  12. My first post!

    Here's a clock I have been working on for the last month. I got the turquoise on ebay in the form of 18" necklaces for a couple of bucks each. After pounding the turquoise into various consistencies from pebbles to powder I super glued it into imperfections in the white oak. I also took dental...
  13. Clock

    I wanted the legs of the clock to look like they were twisiting. This took me a couple of trys to get the right look
  14. pencil holder(s)

    This is my first crack at pencil holders and it is based on the Wood whisper's design. Desk space is generally at a premium so I figured by adding a clock it would stand a better chance of actually getting used. I think I may have made them a touch to tall .I must admit I like the look of the...
  15. Arts & Crafts Clock

    This is a clock I've made before in oak but I purchased some curly maple for another project and decided to use it here. Love the flame!
  16. I had twins!

    Wow, I had twins! Actually, I wanted to try a "production run" of my model, "The Keene" to see how much quicker I could produce them on a per basis, and yes, it was a time saver. Anyhow, they are maple, quilted maple, and paduak. The ceramic leaf tile is handmade by a local artist, and one has...
  17. Big wall clock

    Big wall clock 85X60cm. Step by step video.

    I based the building of this clock on plans designed by Glen D Huey. I used holly for the line inlays and maple and red ceder for the berries, the banding is made of holly and walnut. I finished it with boiled linseed oil then three coats of amber shellac and then a coat of paste wax.
  19. A Room full of Grandfathers

    First off, let me say a hearty THANK YOU! for all of the friendly welcome's and well wishes that I have recieved since finding and joining this site. I am truly excited about learning more about the craft from all of you, sharing my own projects, and marveling at your own projects. These are a...
  20. Arts and Crafts Mantle Clock

    Made in Woods Class Made out of African Mahogany I didn't use any stain so I used Tung Oil
1-20 of 500 Results