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  1. Where's me clipboard?!

    This is a clipboard approx. 385mm x 250mm x 5mm in size. Its base is a 3mm sheet of birch ply veneered both sides. Pic 1 Reverse side is a Louis Cube pattern of Ripple Sycamore, Sapele and American Black Walnut with a Sycamore border. Pic 3 Front side of Ash Pic 4 The materials. All re-used...
  2. Wooden Hair Clips

    First, I started by re-sawing some cutoffs and turning blocks I had around the shop. This was mulberry, walnut, sycamore, pine and some dogwood. I passed each piece through the planer to give it a good gluing surface. Then arranged the pieces and glued them together. After the glue dried I...
  3. Chip Clips!

    My wife said I was on kitchen cleanup duty tonight, fair enough since she cooked. As I went to put the chips away I realized that we didn't have any more chip clips, so I thought about the neatly patterned Ambrosia Maple scraps in the scrap bin. 15 minutes later, two more chip clips and much...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Any good source for clipboard parts, Rockler has them., but $3.99 a piece seems pricey and reviews aren't great
  5. Blogs
    design considerations - blades OK, so I broke the teeth of my japanese saw and it's time I build a replacement saw. I always wanted to build a frame saw as the design and capabilities of such saw seem to outmatch any other saw type. It is tight, can do joinery, rip, resaw (within it's size...
1-5 of 5 Results