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  1. Cedar Patio Bench

    To go along with our cooler table, I also did made this large seating area. I started with building a half wall to support the bench. The wall is 12 feet wide by 14 feet long and each end section is 6 feet. Taking away the corner table, the entire available seating area is around 30 feet. We...
  2. Honey Locust Hollowform

    This honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) hollowform is about 7 inches tall. I had a few voids around the bark inclusions that I filled with a mixture of purpleheart, walnut, and honey locust shavings and CA glue. The small bits of purpleheart look really nice. (Earlier, I was turning walnut...
  3. Not only functional but a necessity.

    These are some surfboard racks that I made. I needed to organize the quiver a little bit, boards take up a lot of room when not stacked like so. When I was making them I decided to also make a rack to hold my booties, gloves, and wetsuit. They all work wonderfully, they really help with drying...
  4. Finishing
    I have made a live edge table top out of maple and am wanting advice on a very natural clear finish. Tried an oil based clear poly but it dropped an amber color that was not a natural look for maple. Wet look would be nice but need advice! Tdaugh
  5. Focus on the Workspace
    Just received a new B&D Workmate 425. The 3 planks for the top surface are 3-ply bamboo (the outside plys on each are ~1/8" thick and the core ply appears to be made of ~5/16" strips). (BTW, contrary to other reports I've read, these planks, the Workmate's frame & its other parts all look...
  6. Finishing
    Lately I have been using General Finishes Arm-R-Seal (gloss) wipe on finish and overall I like it. My problem is I build small things (mostly boxes) and find that the finish gets real thick and starts to solidify in the can before I have a chance to use it all. So now I am thinking of mixing up...
1-6 of 6 Results