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  1. Cutting Board w/ handle slot

    I made nine of the birch and walnut cutting boards for gifts, while using up a bunch of scrap wood.
  2. Workshop Floor Sweep Attachment

    Workshop Floor Sweep Attachment How much are you willing to pay for 1 meter of plastic tube with a handle and a nozzle, $40 - $50? Well I was not willing to spend that much for a floor gulper, so I gave it try to make one. I had a piece of left over tube, added 45 angle elbow, a piece of ¼...
  3. Shop Air Cleaner

    I acquired an older furnace blower saw it as a perfect opportunity to make my shop a little cleaner. The unit itself is pretty large at 33"x22"x19" tall. I have two 16"x20" filters on each side and the air blows out the top. I splurged and installed a one hour timer on it. It's mostly made out...
  4. Red Oak Desk

    I have been reading and enjoying this websites community long before I finally created an account. Since creating one nothing has really came to mind on what to post about so figured I'd start with a desk I made not long ago. A customer was looking for a large desk to put in the office room of...
  5. the homestead, on barn wood

    I have done these a few times and now I have request for more.
  6. Loft bed

    This is a loft bed that I built for one of my 3 kids. Guess what? Now I have two more to build ;). That's OK. It was a fun project. Went with stairs rather than a ladder because my kids inherited their clumsiness from their mother (he he…). For the desktop, I used an epoxy resin and am...
  7. hall table

    This table was my second attempt at making furniture and It's a little more traditional than my other designs.
  8. 3-1 Crib, Toddler Bed, Full Size Bed

    I have referenced this forum and website several times during this last project. I greatly appreciate reading other postings, questions and answers, It has really helped out. My 3-1 crib project is completed with the construction, just waiting for my new Earlex sprayer to show up so that I can...
  9. Ipe Dish

    Practice in turning thin wood, made from recycled ipe (used to be a planter box). Basically made a glue block with my hole saw which allowed me to turn a recess on the bottom. Ipe is hard stuff but takes a crisp edge. Finished with a linseed/paste wax mixture. Complete series of pics at the...
  10. Cube Style Bookcase

    Hey Jocks hope that the summer season is in full swing and everyone is enjoying the wonderful summer weather. Today post is filled with a few first for the shop, a new tool being a Festool Domino used extensively on this cube style bookcase, and then the use of Dye Stain to achieve this rich...
  11. Scroll Saw Giraffe

    My mother has a small collection of giraffes that stems from a family trip to a local zoo and an inside joke. so for every holiday Mom gets a new giraffe. Since I started doing scroll saw work, I have made every effort to make the giraffes instead of buy them. This was her mother's day present...
  12. Homemade Air Cleaner

    Here is my homemade air cleaner that I built for my shop. I used 3 High Volume Comair Rotron fans rated at 340cfm each. I have them wired to a 60 min dial style timer which is then fed into a 2 switch unit that allows me to turn 1, 2 or all 3 fans on. I have no idea how to tell how many times...
  13. Koa & Bamboo Side Table

    This is a table I just finished. I came home and there was a piece of Koa leaning against my front door and I knew right away it had to be a table. How could I cut such a nice piece of wood, I admit it i'm a wood hoarder. I used some bamboo ply that I had in the shop for the base. Not much to...
  14. Widow Bench

    I call it the Widow Bench. I used a left over piece of Sycamore from a bar top I had built earlier. The legs are made from a dyed maple, first they were dyed red then distressed and then stained grey and finished with clear poly spray on.
  15. Router Table Cart

    Some of my first projects were jigs and workshop aids… so I thought I'd add my top workshop projects… the third was my Mobile Cart for my Bench Dog Contractor Router Table. The cart is on wheels so that I can use it elsewhere in the shop for side support during cutting long boards on my table...
  16. Focus on the Workspace
    This is a fun timelapse video of the aftermath after a lot of work. Hope y'all enjoy!!! Garage Shop Super Hero:
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello, How important is a Dust Collector (DC) clean out box (or bag) below a two stage DC? This is the box, bucket, or bag below a filter, that collects the fine particles, not collected in a cyclone or separator. I notice some DC's don't have them. I ask because I'm finishing building a...
  18. Finishing
    I'm looking for a product to help measure accurate proportions of finish to thinner. This product should be quick to use and clean. I generally mix 1/2 a pint at a time, 50/50 of OMS and Poly. Right now I use a turkey baster and a calibrated eye. Thanks in advance.
  19. Woodcarving
    Hi Guys I attended a one day relief carving class yesterday which was pretty good and I carved a leaf into a piece of lime wood I believe it's maybe called bas / bass wood in North America. Here is a picture of my efforts yesterday: I know it's really messy looking given it was my very...
1-20 of 54 Results