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  1. Sculptures

    These are some more of my sculptures. "Wedding Ring" Anagoma fired Clay "Siren" White Italian Alabaster "Sheltered Life" Alabaster
  2. Amphora Display "Sparta"

    "Sparta" Wall-mounted display-cabinet. Made of European oak, and birch. The finish is several layers of clear Osmo-oil. _ I made this wall mounted display-cabinet in 2010, to house my Greek Amphora (ancient vine/oil vase). It originates from the harbor of Athens (Pireous). My father got his...
  3. Deer skull on a nutgall

    Don' t get me wrong, I like to create stuff not kill innocent animals. I found the skull walking in a forest, it was all covered with mold, so I cleaned it and covered it with clay. Now the dude has a new life on my wall!
  4. Clay project-squirrel

    I made for my sister out of clay. Since she's always complaining about them eating all her bird seed and it's a never ending battle when you have one large tree where you feed the birds! LOL Clay is a bit differant to paint but I enjoyed doing him and can't wait to give it to my sister.
  5. Clay Cubby

    Another installment in the saga of my daughter organizing her craft supplies. She asked me to build a cubby for her modeling clay. This time I received a rough drawing of what she wanted, so I knew exactly what to do. It's a basic shallow box made from 1/4 inch plywood. No fancy joinery. The...
  6. Hump and Slump Molds

    I made this mold set for a friend of mine who is into making pottery and also into cacti and succulents. With this mold set one can take a 1/4" thick sheet of clay and lay it into the slump mold, the hollow piece, and press it with the hump mold, which is the solid piece. Trim it and remove...
  7. Mr.Bear

    Had to share my Mr.Bear that I created with clay. He's going to be a gift for my niece to add to her bear collection. I just made him up without a pattern. Kind of like "just go for it". I thought he turned out pretty cute! LOL Hope you do! Thanks for looking.
  8. Six panel landscape carving used to make molds for clay tiles ... Honduran Mahogany

    My kiln is firing … that will be in the blog … Searched through some boxes in the garage and dug up this 6 panel. I've only made about 10 sets of these tiles in the past 4 or 5 years. Always had severe processing-breakage problems. Never had a complete 6 piece together at one time. Hopefully...
  9. Blogs
    Cleaning the plaster Couple months ago Patrick acquired a console table which gilding rather than being repaired was plastered over. The first thing I tried was to clean the plaster to save the original surface The back feet were easy to clean as the plaster was water based and the...
  10. Blogs
    Starting over Patrick has a miror in stock, real nice, with the original glass. A guy thought he will strip it and then left it for dead. Patrick bought it and now it is on my gilding table. As it was already half-stripped nothing could be saved, it was time to start over. The miror has...
  11. Blogs
    Crucifixion It's been a while since I've posted a blog on the steps of a project. This one is on a full life size 6'-0" Jesus with a 12'-0" cross which is one of three life size sculptures I will be carving for a new Retreat here in the Midwest,which I have 18 months to complete. The pictures...
  12. Blogs
    100 pounds of clay - ..... Fired ........ 6 panel metal coating ........................PHOTO BLOG Fired the load yesterday. 14 hour kiln cycle …. cone 1 … around 2000 degrees Unloaded this evening. NO TILE BREAKAGE …. first time EVER !! NO Cracks or anything !! Think the p-clay is the...
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Just checking to see just how many of you gray haired folks out there are finally getting old enough to drink now that you are 21, or at least vote at 18 now that today is YOUR birthday? ;-)
  14. Scrollsawing
    I've been looking for a plan for a foot driven (scroll, jig, marquetry) saw. I ran across this saw and found it interesting and wondered if anyone knows anything about them. You Tube had a short video of it being used, but no info. I'm guessing its centuries old and was used for marquetry...
1-14 of 14 Results