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  1. Guitar #2 - Spruce / Maple

    Finally had the chance to post my second guitar. This one is made with a spruce top, and maple back/sides. I've always been amazed by maple, because when I was a kid I only knew narra, mahogany, and philippine ebony. I first encountered a maple guitar when a friend brought one his dad bought...
  2. classical guitar

    hi all ,this is my first attempt making a classical guitar a little bit different than electric ones i done it was more of a challenge ,the soundboard is bear claw spruce the back is VERMILLION PADAUK ,i was covered in red when sanding lol but well worth it
  3. Blogs
    The Kit I have started taking a classical guitar construction class at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, CO. I'll be blogging about it here as my journal through the process. The kit that we are using is the KLC guitar kit from Luthiers Mercantile International . The kit has all the...
  4. Blogs
    Top and rosette Well, here is the start of my second guitar project. I imagined this second guitar before I even finished the first one. Outline of the top Marking the rosette channels. My method is a bit crude, although this one is better than the popsicle stick I used for the first...
  5. Blogs
    Quick Shop Tour and Projects Just a quick show of where I make sawdust and a few of the things I've put together in the last couple years. More to come, and thanks for watching.
1-5 of 5 Results