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  1. Cherry Peppermill

    First peppermill I've ever made. I think she turned out to be a beaut. Gave it to my mom who loves it! (scoring big browny points is good with the mumma) As the title indicates its made out of cherry. I used america's oldest peppermill mechanism,8". finished by sanding to 600 then 3 coats tried...
  2. First Bowls

    Bowls are purple heart, butternut, burl maple (with some really light spalting on the oppostie side but only showed the burl in the pics since I like it more), Box elder, and maple, from left to right. They are the first bowls I've ever produced. Though now that I think about it there not in...
  3. Blogs
    Project 1 - new lathe, old design I began turning almost 4 years ago, and like many people, I find it a bit addicting. I am not at the lathe every day by any means, and I have gone weeks without turning it on. But, I am often thinking about turning, sketching forms to turn, planning segmented...
1-3 of 3 Results