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  1. Clamp rack

    It all started with, what to do with a stack of clamps standing in a corner, and other clamps laying everywhere. Found a lot of ideas here on LJ's. Looked at what the great wood workers like Kent Shepherd had done. Then it hit me that I was over thinking this. Get the same brackets that I used...
  2. Clamp racks

    My wife and I bought our house in July 2013 and I have been getting the garage setup into my shop. I have a bunch of clamps that up until now were laying in a pile in the corner of the garage. These racks I built will get about half of my clamps off the ground. Once I build the rest of the...
  3. clamp storage..for now

    I got tired of crushed fingers and bruised knuckles fighting my clamp pile So i made a fresh pot of coffee and me and augie dog headed to the shop..It took two days, but I've got the clamps standing at attention for now, plus a solid little 62×30 assembly table that tucks under the cut bench…as...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    does anybody have a sliding miter saw from a company that make makes very accurate cuts.
1-4 of 4 Results